12 Books for Your Spiritual Awakening

Though I am not religious in the familiar sense, I love the magic of religious symbols and numbers. Twelve is the number of the apostles to Jesus Christ. I completed the over 500-mile pilgrimage along the Camino de Santiago in Spain in 40 days. I also turned 33 while walking and communing with other spirituallyContinue reading “12 Books for Your Spiritual Awakening”

Emotions As Tools of Creation

Funny, that we have created little cute icons for emotions that are so complex and complicated we just want to give them all up & hide away. (You think they’ll make a Hiding Emoji?)

Daily Bliss

This Daily Bliss is about attracting just what you want.

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Life Coaching Series: Exploring Your Emotions

The Life Coaching Series is a series of posts where I will explore and address issues or problems you may have in your life. Please use these as possible ways of looking at your life. New lenses.

Wherever You Are, Bliss Is.

How do you get to bliss, when only despair is in sight? How do you feel hope when you feel powerless in an instant around that particular someone, or subject? What would it be like to walk in Authenticity in every moment of your life?