Bliss is our very nature. Over time, it can be consumed by the concepts we use to present ourselves to the world. By the time we realize these concepts aren’t who we are, the connection has been muddled. Isn’t it time to reconnect?

the (r)evolution of bliss is here to help you do just this.

this (r)evolution is about evolution. yours.

Here at the (r)evolution of bliss, we offer tools that allow you to connect to your bliss in ways that suit your individuality.

It’s time for you to be fully you… unquestionably.

the (r)evolution of bliss offerings include:

  • Real Bliss… The Real Bliss blog has weekly posts to remind you of your bliss,
  • Bliss For Everyone!… Want more? Ask the founder of the (r)evolution of bliss, Monique McIntyre, your questions about bliss, self-exploration and self-discovery,
  • the (r)evolution of bliss store… (COMING SOON) In our store, you can find e-books, Real Bliss card sets, and fun, hip accessories to connect you to your bliss.
founder of the (r)evolution of bliss, Monique McIntyre

Bliss awaits…

Follow your bliss, and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.

– Joseph Campbell

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