Follow your bliss.

– Joseph Campbell … However, what does it mean?

Bliss is … our very nature. But it gets covered over by all we think we “should” do… it can all be much easier. You are enough. You are bliss.

This revolution is about evolution. Yours.

It can be a tough pill… “I am bliss?” Yes. You are. No formula to learn. No path to figure out. You however must be willing to trust your feelings (aarggghhh!), because you feel your way into bliss. How else would you get there?

What do we provide here at the (r)evolution of bliss? Markers and practice. Markers to help you find your way through the forest of “life up until this moment,” and ways to practice making your way again and again back to bliss.

  • This site is undergoing renovations currently. Yay! With wonder and curiosity, we are reinventing ourselves here!
  • We had every intention of offering subscriptions to more detailed information beyond what we offer for free on these pages – which is a lot! – however, we’re taking a step back from that route to subscription offerings.
  • What can you look forward to? We will be offering Virtual Events – through EventBrite – where you can ask all the questions you’ve ever wanted and I will answer them from the perspective of how to access your bliss. These Virtual Events will be held several times each month with an event fee, and they offer anyone who wants the opportunity to get more detail on how they can access the greatest part of themselves and evolve their ability to bring joy to their lives on demand.

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