Talkin' 'Bout A Revolution…

We Want Happiness, but… Bliss?

Bliss is Joy. Happiness is Joy. They are on different levels of the emotional scale, but they both are somewhere in the Joy level, above Hope, and before Ecstasy.

We want Happiness, but we’ve forgotten that it is within us always. The natural state of a human being is joy. It is covered over by our desire as a society for what we call, being a realist – which is merely a cover for our greatest cynicism about this beautiful world we call home.

We seek Happiness outside of ourselves, not realizing that what we seek it in is outside of us and not at all the source of our good feelings. Good feelings can be had in any moment, and nothing outside of you can create them. Only you can. Only you have ever been able to. Only you ever will.

It is the most natural thing for us all to be happy, even blissful; which is happier than some of us know what to do with.

Follow your bliss.

— Joseph Campbell [Yes, he said it, but… what the hell was he talking about?]

How do you follow your bliss? I don’t mean tell me what actions you take already… I mean “how does one follow one’s bliss?” Some of us are still trying to figure this all out, along with figuring out what our purpose is, and who the hell we’re supposed to be when we hear countless times, “Be yourself.”

My name is Monique McIntyre, and I reminded myself of how to access my deepest joy. I’ll do the same for you, if you allow me to, especially when life looks bleakest. I will also remind you that it is from a state of bliss that we are most effective, most productive and far HAPPY!est in life.

I am a fierce purveyor of bliss, and I invite you to join in a Revolution and Evolution of Bliss. Yours! This ain’t your mama’s positivity. This is real, authentic joy – the very nature of our souls. It doesn’t get better than this, kid!

Oh, wait! Yes, it can.