Bliss is joy. Happiness is joy. Seems simple, right? What’s not simple about happiness though, is how we go about getting it. We’ve forgotten that it is the very nature of our souls.

The natural state of a human being is joy. It gets covered over though by our societal obligation to be “real” – smoke and mirrors, that often come with negativity and bad feelings, for what we cannot reconcile about this beautiful world we call home.

So… we end up searching for happiness outside of ourselves,, thinking that it is not within us but in things, in events, in other people’s actions, in daring acts of our own (or not so daring acts). This is why it seems elusive, because whatever we seek happiness in – wholly outside of us – is not the source of our good feelings. The reality is that good feelings can be had by any of us in any moment, and all of these good feelings are created within you. You are creating your good feelings. All the time. Every time. You are the creator. And only you. This is your greatest power.



Follow your bliss.

— Joseph Campbell [Yes, he said it, but… what the hell was he talking about?]

How do you do this… follow your bliss? And I don’t mean your laundry list of actions to take… Some of us are trying to figure this out all the time, all our lives; along with figuring out our life purpose, and who the hell we’re supposed to be when we hear countless times, “Be yourself.”

My name is Monique McIntyre, and I reminded myself of how to access my deepest joy. I’ll do the same for you, if you allow me to. Especially when life looks bleakest, I’ll keep it 100.

I am a fierce purveyor of bliss, and I will also remind you that it is from a state of bliss that we are most effective, most productive and far HAPPY!est in life. Is this how it can be all the time? Hell, yeah! I invite you to join a Revolution and Evolution of Bliss.


This ain’t your mama’s positivity. This is real, authentic joy – the very nature of our souls. It doesn’t get better than this, kid!

Oh, wait! Yes, it can.

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