Bliss is our very nature. Over time, our bliss can be consumed by concepts of who we are that we use to present ourselves to the world. By the time we realize these concepts aren’t who we are, the connection has been muddled. But… we can reveal our bliss,

and Reconnect!

the (r)evolution of bliss is here to help you do just this.

This revolution is about evolution. Yours.

Here at the (r)evolution of bliss you can reconnect to your Self. The self that is beneath all those layers of the “you” you decided to be, or pretended to be.

Here, we offer tools that allow you to connect to your bliss in ways that suit your individuality.

It’s time for you to be fully you… unquestionably.

the (r)evolution of bliss offerings include:

  • Real Bliss blog posts… The Real Bliss blog reminds you that bliss is always available by keeping it real about life and all its ups and downs. Easily search for posts you like, and that can change your perspective on life,
  • the (r)evolution of bliss store… (COMING SOON) You can find e-books, Real Bliss card sets, and even, clothing that are thoughtful and fun reminders to connect with your bliss and help you sustain it in your unique way,
  • the (r)evolution of bliss events calendar… (SEE BELOW) Virtual live events are facilitated to answer your personal questions about bliss, despair and everything in between. Our Bliss coach, Monique, leads these events and answers your questions. It’s your opportunity to get information tailor-suited to you,
  • Bliss Coaching… (COMING SOON) We provide coaching services where you can go in-depth on what you want out of life. Bliss Coach, Monique, facilitates your desires by clearing your path, and giving you easy, intentional, consistent access to uncovering your own ability to heal, grow and evolve.

the (r)evolution of bliss events

June 2021
Bliss Abounds…Do you have questions? About bliss? Like, how do you get to blissful? Why aren’t we there all the time? What is bliss really? Isn’t bliss for fools? You’ll get a chance to submit your questions beforehand, and Bliss Coach, Monique, will answer them in this live virtual event. Tickets can be purchased on this site. Purchase your tickets now.
2:30pm ETLivestream on Vimeo

Bliss awaits…

Follow your bliss, and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.

– Joseph Campbell


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Bliss Abounds

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