the (r)evolution of bliss is about tapping in to you… the fullest, most complete version of you

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We’ve decided over time, that to “grow up” is the way to conquer the world. To grow the fuck up is how we think we will win this war called life. Except whose idea of “growing up” are we using? And why does this task often come at the cost of our true selves? Some white-haired, bearded man came out like in a Mel Brooks movie and handed us Rites Of Passage and said, “This is the way.” Then we said, “This must be the way” because he said it. Now these rites of passage are eroding, and we’re beginning to see who we really are. the (r)evolution of bliss is here to support you in finding your bliss again.

Follow your bliss, and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.

Joseph campbell, philosopher

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this (r)evolution is about you. make it your own.

It’s time for you to be fully you… unquestionably.

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