The Opposite of Stress Is Ease: 7 Ways of Being Easy You Can Really Use In Your Life

the (r)evolution of bliss provides you with ways to tap into bliss. This post is about tapping into ease and detangling you from stress.


Easy Like Sunday Morning

Lionel Richie’s song, yes, I am. It’s got something to it, and I’m extolling its virtues. Come along for the ride… Flow on, flow on.

12 Books for Your Spiritual Awakening

I love the magic of religious symbols and numbers. Though I am not religious in the familiar sense, I find comfort in symbols and numbers. Twelve (12) is the number of apostles to Christ. In 2004, I completed an over 500-mile pilgrimage along the Camino de Santiago in Spain in 40 days. The year (2004)Continue reading “12 Books for Your Spiritual Awakening”

The Practice of Appreciation Helps You to Realize The Life You Want

Appreciation is an avenue to greater self-awareness and can allow you to build a future of desires fulfilled. How can it be? Read and find out.