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I’m Monique, a fierce believer in your joy. Thank you for joining us.

Without your support, this community would not exist. Your support and continued support makes the (r)evolution of bliss possible.

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Someone thinks my bliss is an example for others…

But bliss is not just a picture… or else, social media would be enough for us all…

So imagine… what would your life look like if you were tapped deep into your own joy? What would your life look like for you to be fully connected to the resilience within you?

that is real bliss

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It’s me again…

In my life, I’ve creatively pursued many interests – stylist for television, stage actress, Camino pilgrim, life coach, poet & playwright, fashion designer, and even, print & runway model. A T’ai Chi Chu’an class in a park in Santa Monica sparked my inner exploration. I founded the (r)evolution of bliss in 2017 as a place where fellow seekers could possibly hear something new written in my voice and from the transparency of my life experience.

let’s bliss out together!

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