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5 Bene’s of Unraveling Your Nervous System

The art of healing wounds. The practice of being yourself.

Yes, I do mean benefits and these are 5 you’re gonna want to read ’cause this could unlock any resistance you have to your own healing as well as any ideas you have about it being “out there” or unrealistic.

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One… Calm after the storm. Your wounds are made up of emotions that were stored in your nervous system during heightened interactions with others. These interactions may have been with your parents, your brothers or sisters, extended family, caregivers, schoolmates, peers, friends, romantic interests, teachers, adults in your family circle, strangers that impacted you greatly. The interactions that affect you the most, of course, are the ones that happened during your most formative years – when you’re a sponge as a young child and when you’re first wanting to belong.

Don’t forget… with emotions, we mostly suppress them. Unraveling emotions held deeply from these years can absolutely return you to your authentic self – the self you were before many of those interactions, incidents and events that influenced the person you became. And in your authentic self, you can find your bliss, your ease, your peace.

Two… Negative thoughts bearing down on you? Overwhelming your ability to think positively about a subject or area of your life? You can have relief. We all have negative, pervasive thoughts that follow us around sometimes, and on certain occasions of particular bad days, they follow us on a daily basis? You know the ones that can keep you up at night, or egg you on in moments of conflict – whether inner turmoil or outer – or challenge your confidence in the moments you are pursuing something (or someone) important to you.

These thoughts are deeply entangled – quite literally – with the memory of intense and suppressed emotion in your nervous system. If you’ve ever seen the way synapses develop, or the way they work, or maybe the twisty, overlapping, intertwining way in which nerves grow as well, you can begin to imagine exactly how much “wiring” is constantly influencing your experience of being human via new experiences of past experiences and memory-building.

If you can successfully unravel even some of that entanglement with great care, you can return yourself to peace and your natural intelligence about life and your natural awareness of yourself. There is resilience within. That resilience allows for natural relief from the bad feelings that lead to bad days.

Three… New emotional landscapes. Tired of running through the same emotional patterns in your life? Plagued by a nagging feeling that you can’t quite get rid of this emotion or that one? Unraveling old emotional patterns and healing wounds gives you an easy ability to create new emotional patterns — ones that can feel really good and even thrill you.

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Four… Stop holding others hostage over things and thoughts that don’t matter. You know like when you get in a pissing match and you realize, I’m in a pissing match? Or you’re in an argument and you know it doesn’t feel good but you’re unwilling to stop arguing because… you know you’re right. And it’s preposterous to let this other person get away with murder when you know you’re right. But yet somehow, in the back of your mind, or deep within you, you are highly uncertain you’re not going to regret this later.

Five… Release layers and layers of sucky behavior that you’ve been unable to stop on your own. You want to change, but you have no idea how. It’s like you’re in a loop – like in Groundhog’s Day? You know… you recognize the same shit on a different day, and you’re like, wtf? You thought you were done with that scenario. You said it. You spoke the words, “I’m done with this.” But, somehow, it seems it’s not quite done with you.

The familiarity of our humanity is the very sustenance on which we can thrive, but the replaying of a scenario that we wish would just go away can just keep us feeling stuck, or even worse, like we’re in reverse. We are all about forward motion, but the same sad scenario does not buoy our confidence in ourselves.

As you unravel emotions and practice the art of healing wounds, you’ll also be able to put your finger on the “why” of the continued behavior, the reason why Groundhog’s Day continues in this particular area of your life, and also… why it seems it won’t quit you.

healing is what we’re all about here at the (r)evolution of bliss… come and discover your own

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Feeling Pressure? Grace, Anyone?

Pressure can be in areas of our lives we don’t want to acknowledge.

I’m the oldest. That’s a pressure you can’t change. I was born into it. No getting around it. I am first-born of my generation of our family. This is a fact.

No matter what my mother says otherwise, I know she thinks I “should” be some type of way in accordance with my “birthright.”

Which makes me feel some type of way.

Feeling pressured? Feeling some type of way?

“Some type of way…” How abstract is that? I mean, shit, it’s great to be able to call a spade a spade. Thank God we have this saying. Because finally we’re admitting to our feelings. This is forward movement. This is an evolution from our previous “I’m fine/alright/okay.” And

Feeling “some type of way” allows for no distinct healing. There’s got to be specificity, definition, an idea of some depth that goes beyond the surface.

My specificity? … I feel hurt. I feel disappointed in myself because I don’t live up to the expectation of my parents. I feel devastated when they think I haven’t done something they expected me to do. I feel angry at the whole scenario for even being this way – being the oldest and all; and I’m angry at myself for not showing up how I know I should. Now all of those feelings, I can do something about those feelings. And then it’s no longer about pressure.

when pressure seems like it’s all there is…

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Is FOMO F*king Up Your Life?

Are We Missing Out? Or Opting Out?

We put a lot of stock into doing things now and doing them fast. We’ve got to get this done now, because if we don’t we may miss out on our whole lives. FOMO, yes? You may miss out on an opportunity… it begins small. You might miss out on a big win… it gets larger. You may miss out on the success due to you… it spirals out of control. I mean, it’s true, right? if we don’t get it done now, we’re gonna miss out on something. But are we? Missing out? On anything?

what are we missing?

Mostly, the idea that we’re missing out is in our minds. And there it lives as if it is real, when it is only just a thought… and no more.

If there really is a greater power that has your back in all of life, do you really think it would let you miss out on some important aspect of your life? Of course not.

But just like you make up your mind to believe the things that exist in social media or at your job or in your immediate circle, you must make up your mind that thoughts are just thoughts… and nothing more.

meditation helps with everything

Meditation can help with that. Meditation helps to slow down your mind. For some of you, that very statement sounds like the worst idea ever. There are others of you that think that sounds like heaven but are certain it will never happen for you. And then, others of you still that long for this very reality of peace. I’m speaking to all of you…

Meditation doesn’t have to be some strict practice. It doesn’t have to be a perfect practice. I finally learned for myself that if I just sit quietly and put all my attention on my breath for 20 minutes of my day, my day goes better.

It took me a long time to get to that point of realization. And I went through a lot of making myself wrong, and making meditation wrong, and naysaying on meditation for longer than I like to admit. But the point is? I’m here now. Do I sit down every day? I wish. But the days I do miss, I don’t spend making myself wrong anymore. I just make a promise to do it when I think of it.

That is enough.

you are enough, whether you believe that or not

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You Are… Breathe… Okay

On the guilt-ridden, shame-filled end of the consciousness spectrum in our world, we can spend a great deal of time worried about how much we’re not doing for those around us.


It’s okay.

Breathe again.


Everything you do contributes to the world.
There is never a need to make up for what you think you did wrong, or did not do at all.

This – what I just said – can go against the grain of what a lot of us learn day in, day out.
I said it. And I’ll say it again.

(Did you need this today? Is this perfect timing?)

You do not need to make up for what you did, or did not do… at all.
You did whatever you did earnestly, whether you knew / know that or not.
You did it from the place of where you were / are in your growth.

Here’s a headliner:

Your punishment of yourself for your supposed wrong-doing only keeps you in a cycle of regret – which, fyi, is also a high level of resistance. What you resist, persists.

(And… their punishment of you, in social media or the court of public opinion, will never be greater than your punishment of you. Your thinking is always impacting you far greater than the thoughts of others.)

The needle won’t seem to jump…

The broken record in your mind continues to play in that spot, because, guess what? It’s got a dip. A dip, or you can call it a rut. That dip, or rut, keeps the player needle stuck in that spot. The rut, or dip, provides the resistance – the crevice – that keeps the needle from moving on, from moving forward to the next groove.

(And if I’ve gone too far in the “way back” machine with the record player analogy, forgive me… Back to the subject at hand…)

So what if I’m punishing myself, what does it matter to others?

We began by speaking of how wrong we make ourselves about what we’re not doing for others. But then, our focus becomes about us… and where we’ve failed. So…

What will make the greatest difference in our world today?
Making sure someone’s physical needs are taken care of around you?
Giving away something tangible to suffice an “immediate” need?
Giving time, energy, aid and assistance to others, a charitable org, or a homeless person you meet?
Giving money to someone’s Go Fund Me?
Giving of yourself to your family, your friend circle, your ‘hood, your company?

Or maybe, the immediate need is
what one thinks
to be altered to cause a ripple effect – unseen – among all of us.

the ripple effect is real

Changing what we think, thereby causes a new reality to emerge because we are actually BEING the change we wish to see in the world.

And when we are being that change we wish to see by thinking the thoughts worthy of the new future we envision for ourselves – and for the world around us – everything begins to change. Within us is where it begins.

Patience is a virtue. (Cliche or not, it’s real.)
“Immediacy” (aka FOMO) and the urgency with which we want all of life to change / alter substantially is a thought that lives in our minds. While many in our society agree on this thought, it does not make it more than a thought. An agreed on thought is still a thought.

And in this way, we contribute to the invisible – the thoughts and consciousness of our world – all day long, every moment and all the time. That invisible world – made of thoughts, words, actions, and most importantly, the unseen energy of all of these – is what moves unbeknownst to us to create the world we see, the visible, tangible one.

If you ever wanted to be part of a movement, just consider you already are a part of the movement of this unseen world. There is no escaping the part you play in that movement.

What are you doing to contribute to your joy today?

If you gathered up all the energy you expend on impugning yourself for what you think you’re not doing and think you “should” be doing, you’d have far more energy to expend making yourself happy to be alive.

(You’d have more energy for others too… if you wanted.)

The energy you expend in one direction could become the energy you expend in a moment that uplifts consciously and unconsciously those around you. The energy you expend in a downward direction could become the energy you expend in an upward direction. The energy you have expended in the past is already gone. Don’t concern yourself with that. Begin with now. Begin with today.

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your joy is not only your own – it is for everyone who is near

Who knows how your joy will affect another? And it’s not something you have to work at. Ever notice someone just notice you? You’re joyful in the grocery store and someone smiles at you because they see a light beaming from you… It can happen anywhere, and often does.

Who knows how your joy will inspire others in the moment? And often, if you / we allow it, the spontaneous response of others can inspire us back – that ripple effect, yes? If we allow ourselves to be caught off-guard… if we allow ourselves to be in the moment… if we allow others to connect… if we allow for something greater than our fear… if we remain in our joy and know that it is greater than all concerns we might have.

And what does it do for you? Shifts your life. In. Incredible. Ways.

Your joy has the possibility of lifting you up to greater heights in moments of uncertainty and/or depression, giving you new confidence in areas you’re not aware of, emboldening you to take actions you’ve not taken before, and other incredible possibilities that you have yet to experience.

Life is a beautiful symbiosis. And that symbiosis begins with you. Always.

It is just this simple.

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