love notes from monique #3

I wanted to create a softer side to Real Bliss because we all need a little tenderness.

I grew up in ballet from the spry age of 3. I was cast in a constant fire molding me into what others thought I could be, and often what they thought I should be. That fire was made up of discipline, order, structure and agreement.
Discipline to keep me following a particular path, even when I didn’t feel like it. Order to make sense of the path and instill its importance over any other to follow.
Structure so that I did not have to think of the how’s – they were already provided to and for me. Agreement between my place as student, and the other’s place as teacher so I would continue to submit to their authority over my own and to their expertise over my own.
This fire is found many places in humanity. It is found in the arts. In sports. In the military. It’s found in career disciplines that require what we call “excellence.” This fire is required when we speak of “hard work.”
There is nothing wrong with the fire… And there are wounds sealed in that fire. Nervous systems are imprinted by concepts used and by life events that transpire within the realms of the fire.
We resolve within ourselves that this kind of heat is what’s required to make a “diamond.” But what if our qualification of the diamond borne through this fiery heat is just an idea handed down to us?
What if we didn’t have to work to “become” something else other than what we already are?
What if who we are is enough from the very day we are born?
What if we are born diamonds? What then?
Can we allow for the importance of this idea?

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love notes from monique #5
love notes are gentle reminders because we all need a little embrace #therevolutionofbliss
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an exercise in love
An exercise in love can be confronting because it asks you to challenge your hidden cynicism …
fairy tales creating our romantic realities? could be.
Just what have fairy tales done for you lately? #therevolutionofbliss

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an exercise in love

an exercise in loving yourself can be confronting

self care isn t selfish signage
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… it can bring up all your cynicism about life, and mostly because it’s a challenge to love “the unlovable you,” “the selfish you,” “the angry you,” “the shameful or shamed you,”

hasn’t someone told you that you’re unlovable? selfish? angry? shameful? or otherwise?

or have they just shown you that they don’t care? shown you they don’t see you? shown you they are not interested in the ‘you’ you’ve become? shown you how to be ashamed of yourself?

even if you have had an incredibly loving family, there may have been moments in which you felt invisible…

and in those small or big moments of all of our lives, choices were made as hearts were broken in the smallest or most grandiose ways

now it’s time for you to create a pathway to the only love that you can truly feel anytime you want to…

your own

now, you can look at that statement in a myriad of ways…

you can be saddened by it, or feel disheartened by it,

or you could look upon it with joy, or in the least, with great relief,

either way, and however you feel,

this statement holds truth, that once you give over to, can set you free

this is an act of courage… join us for this exercise in self-care and self-love

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