Where Monique Began

You can call me, Monique. It’s the name I’ve always been called. “Monique” means advisor. Who knew that would be my calling? I didn’t see it coming at all.

From my very beginning, I’ve always been able to observe myself, kind of like meditation teachers instruct their students to do. “Observe yourself. Observe your mind.” From a very young age, I was able to do this. I would’ve called it disconnected, if you had asked me more than a decade ago. But I’ve discovered in my own personal growth that it was my gift – a gift that has given me a reservoir of self-awareness. If you’re here at the (r)evolution of bliss, you might have peeped this quality within yourself.

When I was a child, I would notice what others did, I would have this feeling that I should be doing it as well. Then I would literally practice myself into doing the things I witnessed. It was if I knew I was this blank slate and I was consciously adding to my blank canvas. Each time I added a new piece to my puzzle, the picture of who I could be became more complete.

As I have grown older, I have become more self-aware. And as my awareness has grown, I have been able to pull apart my “created” self from my authentic self where the two are no longer, sometimes never were, a fit. I’m sure there are some instances in my past where I can’t even remember how it happened – the creation of my personality – and it truly doesn’t matter. They say, art imitates life, and some who say, life imitates art. Mimicry is intrinsic to life. It is how humans learn to walk, talk and be a part of society. However, I believe it is because of this observer quality that I became a sensitive Life Coach who was able to work to great effect with her clients.

In another facet of my childhood, I was distinctly taught not to trust my own mind and that communication was a threat to my safety in this world. These were emotional abuses. It is these abuses in addition to my observer quality that, I believe, are responsible for my deep hunger and thirst for self-reflection and personal growth. And that is why they are my gifts. I have healed most of my wounds, and I use what I have learned to the greatest benefit of myself and all my clients. I am happy to be of service in this way. It has never meant more to me to be able to use everything I have been given to guide others through their challenges, and along pathways that are unfamiliar to them.

To put my pain in context for you, the abuses I experienced were completely counter to who I was as a child, and both shaped and inhibited my ability to be self-possessed as a young woman. How I knew myself and saw myself as a child was free and important in the world just as I was; feeling confident in how I related to others and what I knew about life. After those interactions left me mistrustful of myself, I began to fail miserably as a young woman at being someone who could stand for herself and what she believed in – including my belief in what I knew to be true about myself. As much as I was conscious of how I was molding myself at an early age – what I wrote about above – is as much as I was not conscious of this facet of my life. As I grew into my womanhood, I became sadder, more frustrated and even angry to realize that I had lost something of myself in the translation of who I thought I might become, and I had no idea how or when it had happened.

Coming back to myself, the free-spirited childlike woman, was a winding road. I began with a personal development seminar that altered my perspective incredibly of who I had been, who I was and who I wanted to be.

I became a coach, and then a leader at a global personal development company. There, I worked with hundreds of individuals to allow each person greater access to who they were authentically. In my work, I deciphered that when I showed someone a mirror, it reflected back to both of us. I became a Life Coach, not to show anyone a formula or increase their productivity, but to release each person from the ideas they held that inhibited their full possession of the Self they were at their very core.

So when I reached the limits of my work as a coach and course leader in personal growth after 5+ years, and as a Life Coach after 3 years, I realized that I wasn’t going to reach the heights of service to others via my mind alone. I had to connect mind, body and spirit for full transcendence. This discovery became the exciting foundation of my new work.

This foundational work culminated in this website, the (r)evolution of bliss. I am here to guide. I am not a guru. I want to show you that you are your best guru. You. No one else. I have deciphered that everyone’s journey is their own, and to honor that is to honor the gifts each individual has for the world.

I have mastered my mind. Being an “observer” has been the greatest cultivator of this mastery. I understand my mind as a tool, pliable and malleable, and not as a reality, rigid and singularly defined. And mastery is not a state to be reached like a destination, but an opportunity for greater and greater understanding and deeper and deeper awareness.

As mastery becomes the journey and not the end-goal, life becomes your greatest canvas and from there, you can begin to set down colors / pigments / variations / thoughts / ideas / experiences of whatever variety you choose.

I have a life-painting palette that grows wild and I am constantly surprised by its diversity. It is ever-growing and ever-widening and ever-surprising. It is my hope. It is my joy. It is my life. It is my bliss.

This is me, Monique McIntyre. Bliss Coach. I am fierce bliss.

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