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What is the (r)evolution of bliss all about?

The (r)evolution of bliss is a collection of ideas meticulously laid out by someone who has been through depression, coached others in their lives, and answered some profound questions about life for herself. Monique McIntyre has led seminars to hundreds of people and coached others one-on-one. She has also been through her own depression and come through to a renewed state of joy.

Is the healing the (r)evolution of bliss speaks about esoteric in nature?

Yes, it is. The healing we’re speaking of here is about the willingness to release the old wounds in your life and heal them for good – but not like the release of a thought. Thoughts are a pathway, but they live in your nervous system. So the healing we speak of here is not conceptual mind hacks or tricks, it is physical healing through the unraveling of emotional patterns in your nervous system and therefore long-lasting. This pathway is not for everyone. You have to decide if what is spoken about in these pages is a fit for you, or if it’s not a fit at all. Your will, your choice. (It’s also important to make sure you have the supervision and counsel of your mental health professional as anything presented here is not meant to be a substitution for the advice or counsel of a health professional. You can review our website disclaimer here.)

Can I access more than concepts by reading the articles on this site?

Yes. These articles are meant to give you access to an experience of healing and not just concepts about healing. There are exercises and information about healing modalities that you can physically and emotionally and mentally practice in tandem with what’s written in these pages so that you are able to experience your own healing in totality – mind, body and spirit.

Will this site evolve to include guided virtual sessions / seminars?

Yes, this site is constantly evolving. It is constantly becoming more in-depth and evolving to keep fresh new insights coming to the table, as we evolve so should this site. It is our intention to continue to unveil new work, some of which will include future guided virtual sessions to give insight in handling life situations from romantic relationships to friendship to work / life balance to happiness to the complexities of a life’s purpose. Stay tuned.

If I subscribe, are my payments secure?

Great question. WordPress handles all payments. So, yes, you can be assured that all payments are secure and being handled through a company that you already know and trust, especially if you’re a WordPress user. And if you’re new to the (r)evolution of bliss or WordPress, then be aware that WordPress powers 43% of all websites that exist on the internet – that is a lion’s share considering. WordPress’s handling of credit cards is completely trustworthy. Click here for more info on WordPress.

Will the (r)evolution of bliss get rid of its free content?

No. Free content is what makes our site such a great resource to those who continue to visit. There is a wealth of available information that you can access at any time at no cost. Subscribers get to take a deeper dive into the information here on these pages, and get a different cut at what is presented.

Is Monique McIntyre qualified to give her advice?

Great question. Monique is not out to give advice… by any means. Monique is sharing from her personal experience and her recovery from depression. She also shares from her dynamic coaching work with others. Human beings have the very same design. We all get sad, get happy, get “stuck,” feel confused, feel crazy at one time or another, and try to find the humor in life. We are more alike than we are unlike each other, and yet we’re all completely individual. Monique hopes that instead of “believing in” something, you’ll simply take pieces and bits of what is presented here away with you – and, of course, as always, you’ll only take what resonates with you. And leave behind what doesn’t.

Is my subscription refundable?

You always have 30 days to try your subscription. There is new content being presented on a weekly basis, so you’re sure to get the full value of your monthly, 3-month, or annual subscription. If after 30 days you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can cancel and get a full refund or your purchase price. Contact us here for cancellation. At 30 days, you will automatically be charged for the next month’s subscription and at that time, no refund will be available. (The monthly charge applies to monthly subscribers only. Annual subscribers will only be charged annually. Important note: 3-month subscriptions are not automatically renewed.)

Are all subscriptions automatically renewed / charged?

Only the monthly and annual subscriptions are automatically renewed. 3-month subscriptions must be renewed by the subscriber.

What are the (r)evolution of bliss’s terms and conditions?

You can find our terms & conditions here.

Do you have a website disclaimer?

Yes, we do as we are not health professionals, nor do we claim that honor. Please click here for our website disclaimer.

What is your privacy policy?

You can find our privacy policy, website disclaimer and terms & conditions at the bottom of each page of this site. You can also click here for our privacy policy.

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