We All Want Happiness

… But Is Bliss Too Much?

Happiness is joy, yes? Well, bliss is joy as well. But bliss ain’t any old joy, right? I mean, when you think of bliss, you probably think of ecstasy, or joy squared. Well, it can be that. Or it could just be an extension of joy.

Joy… extennnnnnddddded. Lol.

Joy seems simple, yes? It can be found in so many places. But this is the rub. We often complicate the very nature of our joy / happiness by looking for it outside of ourselves. I mean, the laughter erupts from within us. But what gave us the laugh? What initiated our gigantic smile? We think because we were looking at something, we were with others, or we were having a particular experience that those are the things that gave us joy. We’ve forgotten that bliss / joy / happiness are actually the very nature of our souls – within us always, just waiting to be tapped, felt and enjoyed.

So, here at the revolution of bliss, we are saying the natural state of a human being is joy, and there is a profound simplicity to this joy. However, in our very human desire to be more complex than this simplicity – that we also often consider “foolish,” “childish,” and “simplistic” – we feel the pressure of our societal obligation to be more, to be “real”.

This duty we feel to be more than what we are – because being us is simply not enough… This duty we feel is sometimes accompanied wonderfully by our own uninhibited authenticity, but… it can also essentially be smoke and mirrors. These smoke and mirrors are an obfuscation of our wonder and marvel at the beauty of our world because we often feel silly, childish and immature for these simple wonders and pleasures. This obfuscation often comes with negativity and bad feelings for what we cannot fully reconcile in our hearts about this world, the society we pay heed to no matter how much we say we don’t, and the way we feel about it all.

So… we end up searching for happiness outside of ourselves, mostly because it cannot be as simple as “it’s within us all the time.” That would be daft to think! (I’m stealing from British slang to make a point about our opinions of our bliss.) We think it could not be as good as that – as so easily at our whim, within us? – but it must be much harder, more complex. Joy / happiness / bliss must be in things, in events, in other people’s actions, in daring acts of our own (or not so daring acts). This is why it seems so elusive, because we intuitively know it won’t last if we seek it outside of ourselves. We buy into old maxims about how happiness doesn’t last.

I mean, none of the good stuff does. Have you seen this world we live in? (Making a point again about our opinions… the thoughts that drift through in any moment.)

The reality is that good feelings can be had by any of us in any moment, and all of these good feelings are right within you. You create your good feelings. All the time. Every time. You are the creator of your world. And only you. This is your greatest power.

It is your bliss… awaiting your revelation. The revolution of your bliss awaits you.

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