The Real Story of Bliss

The following is one of the most famous of statements about bliss and how to utilize it…

What is “bliss”? How do you follow it exactly… like balloons parading in the sky or through a labyrinth?

Some of us, when we hear “follow your bliss,” begin our journey immediately. Some of us have been experimenting with the “how-to” for all our lives. For most of us, it’s as abstract as the term we hear constantly, “Be yourself” … Who the heck is that?

Me and my crazy self… I wouldn’t have me any other way

My name is Monique McIntyre, and I’ve been trying to figure out my bliss for all my life. Well, not really… but in a sense. I’ve had a sense of what my bliss could be from the time I was a little child – as all of us do. Then when I got older and my joy in life seemed to dwindle, I thought to myself, Now, where did it go?! I’ve taken seminars and become a leader of those very seminars just to get a handle on what I wanted out of life, until I realized the biggest thing I ever wanted out of life was just to be happy. It seemed like such a foreign concept, to quote a favorite movie. The simplicity duped me. But it hadn’t been the simplicity that had duped me. Instead it was the complication that the human mind has made of it all that had duped me into thinking there was no simplicity. That is was all agonizing, incredible and mostly, out of reach.

That made me sad. The kind of sadness that overtakes you when you’re unsuspecting but then completely sets you adrift in waters uncharted. And it was out of that tremendous despair that came my greatest realization: my happiness was my greatest priority. And I realized if I continued to make my joy my purpose in life that all else would stream from it. Well, that wasn’t some great enduring epiphany that led to happiness being mine for all eternity. But it was a beginning.

With this beginning – and it really wasn’t much of one, it may sound like it, but it was really just some fleeting thoughts – my life began drawing in those that would help me define what I wanted, and person by person, step by step, little by little, I began to get that my bliss was with me, inside of me, and it was achievable in any moment I was alive. What followed were many more peaks and realizations that led me to create this website. (I mean, my trajectory had its difficulties because the realist in me kept getting stuck in analyzing what seemed to be the unbearably unbelievable qualities.) It took a conversation I had with one person, who spoke to me so passionately of ecstasy, for me to realize that bliss was a thing I could have and that I wasn’t limited to joy alone. Then, it finally dawned on me – who doesn’t like a good dawn – that bliss was never about the doing, and that it was never dependent on whether something outside of me went well or to my liking. It finally became real that my bliss – the bliss I had discovered I could have – was truly about the being, and I could have it anytime I wanted.

Now, if you think you’ve heard what I just said before – especially that part about the “being,” consider you have not heard what’s truly possible.

Some of us think we have it figured out that phrase about “being vs. doing”. Yet our actions say differently. We’re still on that hamster’s treadmill, “running” (aka “doing”) to get to the carrot we’ve devised called, “being.” We have bucket lists and laundry lists, but still have no idea that “being” includes no list… whatsoever.

It’s okay wherever we are on our paths. Every one of us has to be somewhere. It’s all about the journey of evolution to me, and not the arrival at a goal.

As I sought out the simplicity of my joy, and the depth of my presence, I was reminded of how to access my deepest joy: my bliss. What I’ve taken away from the journey of my life, I’ve put down in these pages for you. Not as a formula. I never seek to give anyone a formula. Formulas speak to a “one size fits all” standard that couldn’t possibly do our uniqueness and individuality justice. So mine is a simple mantra…

Take what you want, what feels good, and leave behind anything that doesn’t resonate with you.

I am a fierce purveyor of bliss, and I will remind you that it is from a state of bliss that we are most effective, most productive and far happiest in life. Is this how it can be all the time? Hell, yeah! This revolution is about evolution. Yours.

This ain’t your mama’s positivity. This is real, authentic joy – the very nature of our souls. It doesn’t get better than this, kid!

Oh, wait… Yes, it can!

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