The Real Story of Bliss

This most famous of statements about bliss and how to utilize it in real world terms…

Follow your bliss.

What is this “bliss” to be followed? How is this done?

Some of us, when we hear this, begin trying to figure it out immediately. Some of us have been trying for all our lives. We have also been trying to figure out our life’s purpose and who the hell we’re supposed to be when we hear countless, sometimes frustrating, times, “Be yourself.”

Me and my crazy self… I wouldn’t have me any other way

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been deciphering my bliss for all my life. My name is Monique McIntyre, and I finally figured out that my bliss wasn’t about the doing. It was truly about the being.

Now, if you think you’ve heard what I just said, consider you have not.

I said… if you think you heard what I just said, consider you did not. Some of us think we have figured out what “being vs. doing” is all about, yet we’re still “doing” to get to our “being.” We have bucket lists and laundry lists, but still have no idea that being includes no list… whatsoever. We have a concept – only a concept and not yet the fullness of living it out as who we are (without having to think twice about it, or think about it at all). But it is okay that we are there. Everyone is somewhere. It’s all about the journey of evolution for me, and not the arrival at a goal.

My best life discovery? Realizing I was a “doing” machine invested in my being-ness, but with a higher stake in my “doing.” I realized getting it all done, and having it all together were not goals I wanted any longer. They were goals I had been given. As I sought out the simplicity of my joy, I was reminded of how to access my deepest joy: my bliss. And what I’ve taken away from the journey of my life, I’ve put down in these pages for you. Not a formula. I never seek to give anyone a formula. I don’t believe there are any. Formulas speak to a “one size fits all” standard that couldn’t possibly do our uniqueness and individuality justice. So mine is a simple mantra…

Take what you need, and leave behind anything that doesn’t feel good.

I am a fierce purveyor of bliss, and I will remind you that it is from a state of bliss that we are most effective, most productive and far happiest in life. Is this how it can be all the time? Hell, yeah! This revolution is about evolution. Yours.

This ain’t your mama’s positivity. This is real, authentic joy – the very nature of our souls. It doesn’t get better than this, kid!

Oh, wait… Yes, it can!

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