the (m)usical scale of you

what is this scale?

We are vibration. All of us. The energy that makes up our emotions is the same energy that makes up our bodies, our minds, our souls. All energy is vibrating at different frequencies; a constant vibration – unceasing, never-ending.

This constant vibration and its measurement as frequency is why music makes such beautiful sense to us. Music is vibration and frequency. So this scale… ? This is our musical scale of emotion.

Think of how a musical instrument works. A violin has strings much like a guitar. You cross the bow over those strings however and they vibrate, just like you strum your fingers over the strings of a guitar and because of a series of details like the open hole in the wood, the way the instrument is shaped, the length of its “arm”, the type of wood chosen for the instrument and the resonance inside that wood, the instrument vibrates a particular sound of music.

While we are not made of wood, we still resonate and vibrate. Everything on this earth does. And just like a radio has frequencies (and stations) to choose from, so do we. Our vibrational frequencies – the frequency of us, as we are always energy, even when we’re in “neutral.” And I’ve set forth this chart – limited in scope, but ample as a beginning – to show you where most emotions lie in terms of frequency. The lowest frequencies are shown at the bottom of the chart, and the highest frequencies – also known as the good, better and best feelings – are shown at the top.

Now you can have a better idea of where you are when you are creating bliss in your life.

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