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This is what my clients say about working with me to guide them in career, relationship, and other life issues. I no longer work one-on-one, but contact us and ask for more information about our dynamic group talks that are coming soon.

I feel lighter and can see the possibilities of life again.

Monique’s coaching has made a tremendous difference in my life. When we began working together I was at a very difficult time in my life. I was going through a divorce, I just started a new job, and relocated to a new town. Through our work together I was able to move effortlessly into this new environment with purpose. In the middle of our sessions, I learned my sister was diagnosed with lung cancer. Monique’s coaching helped me manage my job while still being able to support my sister through her cancer treatments.

Everyday I take the skills I learned from her and apply them to achieving my daily goals.

Dave Maynard, Oakland, CA


Thanks love. I feel amazing! I have my life back! With your love, guidance, and coaching you got me back to remembering who I am and just how powerful I truly am. You have such a gift.

I knew from the second that I met you that I was going to love you and that you were going to change my life. It was just 2 days after my [seminar] was complete. I was so lit up and I instantly knew I could trust my life with you as ugly as I thought it was. You reminded me how beautiful it really was.

And when I thought my whole life was over and that I would be disabled for life. You offered your guidance when I felt completely alone, raging, afraid, and lost. You reminded me of who I truly was. Got me out of my head, and back into my truth. My body now moves with effortlessness. I can walk, run, jump for joy, and even dance the night away, as you can see from this picture.

You showed me REAL love. Complete acceptance, without judgement, without any expectations. And the fear of not ever being able to play with my son, or having my 6 year old help me walk down the hall for the rest of my life is non existent.

Thank you with every ounce of my being for being who you are. My soul sister, friend, guide, teacher, reflection. I see you seeing me seeing you see me. I love you to pieces, Monique McIntyre.

— Adrianna Dammeier, San Fernando Valley, CA


Motivational and powerful. Would take her coaching again. Highly recommend.

— M. McCaleb, San Francisco, CA


I decided to work with Monique during a time of extreme uncertainty and confusion in my life. I quickly learned I didn’t really know what result I wanted — yet it all worked out!

The answers showed themselves quickly and easily while working with Monique, certainly because of her commitment to her clients. She was extremely patient and open while showing me techniques to connect to my inner self, which was much harder than I could have imagined; as I was so disconnected, albeit unknowingly.

The cool thing is that whatever we were working on, answers would show up in my daily life and things quickly became clearer and more calm. I now have a peace about what’s next… whatever that may be. I am no longer overwhelmed and consumed by things outside of my control, but am now moving freely along this path we call life.

Thank you, Monique.

— Jennifer Ford, Nice, France


Thank you sooo much for your amazing seminar [entitled “The Path to Greater Productivity? Healing The Heart] !! Outstanding information of how to improve our productivity. Please plan to have more seminars like this one. Innovative, valuable and practical tips. I use one of the healing methods on a weekly basis and it has helped me so much. I attended this seminar with my mom and it was phenomenal. Well done!

— Alicia Francis-Harris, Miami, FL


So Miss Monique, I conceptually – last night – got what you were saying and then this morning I [really got it and instantly applied it] and what came up was [my] being totally vulnerable, like really letting him own a part of me that I never [did]. It is profound because I wanted to [be the one to] own him that way! So I got to give up some pain/hurt that is a major constraint in totally loving [him]. Your contribution to our lives has allowed my envelope to open in the most beautiful way… truly blessed.

— Melanie Slayton, Studio City, CA


Monique is a deep well of wisdom, compassion and practical guidance. She listens for all that is being said and more importantly, what is not. She operates from both her uncanny intuition, as well as year of teachings from diverse teachers and disciplines. She is easy to love and trust and makes learning both fascinating and fun.

Monique taught me valuable ways of being and thinking that I will have for all of my life.

— Shawn Taddey, Los Angeles, CA



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