We’re On BlogLovin’ Now…

Change is still afoot here at The REvolution of Bliss. We hope you’ll hang in there while we follow our rhythm and seek out what will serve our message best. I am so glad that I came up in a time where being patient and taking your time was the optimal way to live life.Continue reading “We’re On BlogLovin’ Now…”

first-hand stories about depression

These stories inspired me because they are folks who seem to be above the fray of the banal, and yet, as we all know, they are not. These are their real stories about their experiences with Clinical Depression. If you are experiencing Clinical Depression, take heart. You are not alone. Reach out and get theContinue reading “first-hand stories about depression”

My Truest Confession for Transparency and for Bliss

This is my confession of why I really began this blog. I didn’t want to tell the truth of my story, but I have to get it out now.