Daily Bliss 72

This Daily Bliss is from Canada.

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Daily Bliss 71

This Daily Bliss is about what we do that doesn’t serve us.

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A Reminder of Your Greatness

Forgetting who you are, even just for a moment? Let me remind you. Wonder what I’m going to say that may change your perspective? Read on. And as always, enjoy!

Why You Can Not Ever Be Powerless

It is true that we often abdicate our personal power. But if our power is ours, and it is not defined by time and space, how can it end up with…

Weakness vs. Feelings: A Story Pt. 2

This is a departure from my normal articles. It is a story in real time about two people working it through. Will they?

The story continues.

Healing Your Heart Empowers Your Life

Through my study, I had become disparaged by all the techniques and “tools” out there guided by our unique fascination as Americans at being ultra-productive. I created coaching techniques around a new paradigm and this is what happened.

Is Your “Good Fight” Fighting You?

So instead of that thing you’re fighting getting lesser, or smaller in size or stature… which is the point, yes? That’s why you’re fighting it, yes? To win the battle?… Instead, that thing you’re fighting is getting bigger.

It Takes Time

This is a beautiful story about one woman’s journey to her own enlightenment. It’s so clearly beautifully written that I had to reboot it here for all of you.

A Little Fun #19

A little lightness to bring playfulness and fun to your day… and to your life. See if it does for you. Enjoy!

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Do You Live In A Cycle Of Pain?

I approach this subject, because if we’re living in pain – in any area of our lives – it may only sound like a good idea to live in bliss and even more so, it may sound completely unattainable.