A Reminder of Your Greatness

Forgetting who you are, even just for a moment? Let me remind you. Wonder what I'm going to say that may change your perspective? Read on. And as always, enjoy!

Simple Paths To Bliss #33

I talk a lot about bliss, but here are some paths to bliss, or ways you can bring yourself to bliss again and again - especially when you find yourself in the stress of everyday living.

Daily Bliss 58

This Daily Bliss is about far more than we believe. Follow us and each weekday Daily Bliss will come your way. Enjoy! #therevolutionofbliss #dailybliss

Why You Can Not Ever Be Powerless

It is true that we often abdicate our personal power. But if our power is ours, and it is not defined by time and space, how can it end up with...

5 Ways to Use Thought as a Conscious Tool for Creating Your Life

These are all ways you can become conscious of your thinking that is already influencing your experience and your behavior, and change it. These are ways to use your conscious thought to create what you want. All thought, conscious or subconscious, can be used to our benefit.