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For those of you who like to read, and for my ardent followers who were with me in my previous blog incarnations, this page is for you!

Below are links to the articles I will publish 3 times a week that are both past articles published in the past year that are still incredibly relevant and new articles recently written. I’ve also categorized them to make it easier to find what you need and want that applies to you and your growth.

Enjoy and give me feedback of your experience reading the article, or what you’re dealing with right now that makes that article so relevant to you, or… anything else you can think of.

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Healing and Acceptance

Healing Your Heart Empowers Your Life

Is Your Success Making You Miserable?

Ruin Can Save Your Life

How To Create Lasting Peace of Mind in an Age of Growing Uncertainty 

Do You Live In A Cycle Of Pain?

Bliss Does Not Discount Pain

Relationship: Romantic, Friendship & Global Citizen

Men and Women: We Are Both Different and the Same

Why You Can Not Ever Be Powerless

Do You Know What Is Unconditional About Love?

To Err Is Human… Divine

The REvolution Of Bliss on Other Sites

Daily Bliss #291

Straight-Shooting About Forgiveness

5 Reasons Why Being A Hot Mess Is Actually Good For You

10 Benefits Of Recovery Great For Every Person On The Planet

Taoism For The Day #3

Daily Bliss #103

Daily Bliss #184

Life Coaching in Practice

Life Coaching Series: How to End Having Arguments

Your Thoughts Create Your Life… No Two Ways About It!

5 Ways to Use Thought as a Conscious Tool for Creating Your Life

3 Ways To Listen More Fully In Any Conversation

Life Coaching Series: Exploring Your Emotions

Life Coaching Series: Acceptance – How To

Self-Care, Mental Health and Well-Being

A Reminder of Your Greatness

A Conversation About Pleasure: Are You At Ease With Your Own Desire?

Create Healthy Boundaries So You Can Soar

Why Do We Get So Unhappy About Being Happy?

Do You Know What Is Unconditional About Love?

Do You Truly Honor Yourself? 10 Ways To Be Accountable For Your Self-Care

Is Your Success Making You Miserable?

Are We Healthy, Truly?

Mindfulness & Meditation

Is Your “Good Fight” Fighting You?

Why Meditation?

Do You Consider Exploring Your Thoughts And Feelings Dangerous?

Law of Attraction

Abraham and The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction Laid Bare


Creative Mastery

Emotions As Tools of Creation

On Life Mastery #1

Becoming Is Being

Desire Plays The Ultimate Role in Creating Your Life

3 Ways To Listen More Fully In Any Conversation

One Word Can Kill Your Bliss Quick!

The Most Gratifying Kind of Happiness

The Simplest Most Basic Truth About Life

What The World Happiness Summit Taught Me