Follow your bliss.

— Joseph Campbell [Yes, he said it, but… what the hell was he talking about?]

How do you do this… follow your bliss? And I don’t mean your laundry list of actions to take… Some of us are trying to figure this out all the time, all our lives; along with figuring out our life purpose, and who the hell we’re supposed to be when we hear countless times, “Be yourself.”

My name is Monique McIntyre, and I reminded myself of how to access my deepest joy. I’ll do the same for you, if you allow me to. Especially when life looks bleakest, I’ll keep it 100.

I am a fierce purveyor of bliss, and I will also remind you that it is from a state of bliss that we are most effective, most productive and far HAPPY!est in life. Is this how it can be all the time? Hell, yeah! I invite you to join a Revolution and Evolution of Bliss.


This ain’t your mama’s positivity. This is real, authentic joy – the very nature of our souls. It doesn’t get better than this, kid!

Oh, wait! Yes, it can.