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Let me introduce myself… My name is Monique McIntyre. I am someone who has healed myself from wounds I’ve had all my life – inner wounds invisible to others and not well recognized in our “you must see it to believe it” world. I have had the great honor to help others heal their wounds. And while I have expertise in being a personal coach – meaning I have guided people in becoming more productive in their lives – I’m simply a human being who has found a way to articulate my own healing. And in this articulation, I hope to open up pathways for understanding to those that seek clarity in their experience and want to make sense of their world.

I’ve worked in many arenas, from coaching one-on-one, to leading personal development seminars, to coaching participants in leadership programs, but in the end, it is not the full spectrum of what I continue to create here at the (r)evolution of bliss.

What do I offer here? Through my work, I discovered that the foremost reason people do not achieve their dreams or live the lives they want to live most is because there is an obstacle in their way that is invisible to them. Through my life experience and my work with others, I’ve come to know the greatest obstacles a human being will face are not the ones they can sense or can even overcome, but those that are hidden deep within them that require great tenderness and care.

I am not a health professional and if you need that kind of expertise, you should consult yours or seek one out. Healing requires support from other modalities and/or credentialed experts – professionals in their fields. I stand shoulder-to-shoulder with every one of you as someone who has lived a life filled with ups and downs. And I share with humor, levity, ease, and in plain English what has helped me make sense of my life and be powerful in my living. Most of all, I speak to you with a hope for us all to be our most powerful and authentic selves.

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I am fierce bliss. My specialty? Healing emotional wounds. Let’s bliss out together!

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This is about you and your bliss… about you and your love of your life… about you and your healing… about you and your own (r)evolution. And remember, I’m only here to remind you how to best access what’s already within you.

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I feel lighter and can see the possibilities of life again. Monique’s coaching has made a tremendous difference in my life.

Dave Maynard

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