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I am Monique McIntyre. I am here at the (r)evolution of bliss as a healer. From 2014 to recently, I was a personal lifestyle coach – which means I guided people in being more productive with their hearts and not their actions. Prior to that, I led personal development seminars and coached participants of leadership programs for 5+ years at a global company, Landmark Worldwide. (My study of my own transformation and growth lasted 8+ years prior.) On my unique path to become a leader of their flagship course, I thoughtfully ended my tenure. It was a huge turning point in my life. I realized that up to that point, my coaching had focused expansively yet narrowly on the mind alone. I began to understand that to be of the greatest service to any human being, I would have to broaden my scope to encompass the heart, body and soul, as well as the mind. So that’s exactly what I did.

I’ve studied the effects of trauma on human beings, how the brain and nervous system play an integral part in developing responses and behavior, the trajectory of development of a human brain, ways in which the nervous system can open new pathways beyond the old pathways, and how emotions are key to the release of all trauma – including core traumas experienced in childhood. Here at the (r)evolution of bliss, I guide everyone with fun, ease, levity and most of all, great care and attention toward being their most powerful and authentic selves.

I am fierce bliss. My specialty is healing emotional wounds, and that includes holding a space of compassion. I am here for you and your bliss. Let’s bliss out together!

the (r)evolution of bliss

I recently thought I would re-open my coaching practice and set up Bliss Coaching for groups and individuals. However, I realized something… number one, that type of service limits the impact I can have in the world; and number two, my energy has broadened since I closed shop and to go backward would be to close off the inimitable possibilities available right now. So instead, the (r)evolution of bliss will soon open up Bliss Subscription Service to all. This Subscription Service is paid and will include access to all areas of this website beyond the free content available right now.

Stay tuned for Bliss Subscription Service – coming this month, November 2021!

Choosing to purchase a Subscription Service will give you access to more in-depth exploration and discovery on topics like Healing old wounds, Finding your Authentic Self, Communicating with Love, Relating with Authenticity, Courage, Personal Power, Vulnerability, Unconditional Love, Everyday Bliss and more.

This is about you and your bliss… about you and your healing… about you and your love of your life… about you and your own evolution. You have the power to create a life filled with everything you desire, not just some of the things you desire. It’s all within you. And remember, I’m not here to tell you what’s possible, but to remind you how to access what’s possible.

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New Healing Programs – Virtual and Self-Guided

And so you know, the (r)evolution of bliss is constantly developing new material for new programs. These programs are as unique as they are virtual and completely self-guided. Click here to sign up to be notified of our course launches.

I feel lighter and can see the possibilities of life again. Monique’s coaching has made a tremendous difference in my life.

Dave Maynard

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