The Most Gratifying Kind of Happiness

The most gratifying kind of happiness is the kind you make yourself. No, not because you got that new toy that does all those fabulous, exciting things that just make you so happy that you bought it. But definitely keep playing with that new toy. No, not because you got that beautiful new outfit orContinue reading “The Most Gratifying Kind of Happiness”

Coaching Tidbits: Acceptance – How To

Coaching Tidbits is a new series of posts where I share with you freely from my Bliss Coaching expertise. These tidbits are insights I have gleaned from coaching hundreds of people… try this one on.


Do You Know What Is Unconditional About Love?

We talk about *unconditional love/loving* a lot. However, do we know of what we’re speaking? Or do we throw around this term unconsciously? Do we really explore what unconditional love means, or do we just think we know from what we’ve observed in others? What is Love… Unconditional love is loving someone, something, or someContinue reading “Do You Know What Is Unconditional About Love?”