Talkin' 'Bout A Revolution…

How to Use This Site

This page is entitled “How to Use This Site,” but the truth is I can’t tell you how because your life is a personal matter. Only you know what’s important to you, or what will make a difference for you. I will tell you, however, what makes most sense in finding what you need and what you want of the information I provide here on The REvolution Of

What Makes Most Sense…

The Blog

Use the blog to look up today’s and all previous posts. You can click “Blog” in the top headers on the front page for a listing of all the blog posts in the order of most recent to very first published. There are several ways you can look up posts beyond the several listed on the front page.

  • There are Categories in which the blog posts have been divided – this can help you find just the Daily Bliss posts if you want, or a more in-depth article. A Category cloud is listed at the very bottom of the sidebar to the right of any blog post.
  • There is a Recent Blog Post Menu located on the right sidebar of any blog post toward the bottom. Click on whatever title interests you.
  • There is our Instagram page which has all of our previous and current Daily Bliss posts listed in image form. Scan all of them, and repost, if you like! Find the icon at the top of the front page.

The Entire Site

  • A Site Map is located at the bottom of the front page that includes the Master Library of Articles and this page, How To Use This Site. It is a helpful tool in locating pages that are not listed at the top of the front page.

How To Get The Greatest Benefit

Always remember… Feel free to take what resonates with you now, in this moment, and leave anything behind that does not. Then you can never go wrong.

Even if something doesn’t resonate with you today, doesn’t mean it won’t two years from now, two decades from now, two days from now.

Simply take what feels good, intrigues you, or is of interest to you. Leave the rest behind, and keep going.

To the REvolution of Your Bliss!