About Bliss

Hi, I’m Monique! This site is dedicated to tales of a journey to bliss and well, more bliss. Whose journey? Ours, of course.

I will share with you my journey, my life experiences, and my experience as a life coach, and successful guide of others through their travails in my greatest hope that you will discover a deeper sense of yourself and a deeper state of bliss than you’ve yet experienced.

I like to say my journey as a seeker began in my twenties. However my seeking truly began with 9/11. The events of 9/11 sparked a deeper curiosity in me about humanity. I began to open up to a whole new realm of self-awareness.

I wanted to make a difference with my life, and… I wanted to be safe. I moved between rallying cries – filming my first documentary, a response to the ensuing war, and sending it successfully to the then-Secretary of State – and meditations on moving to Tibet and fulfilling a monastic life there in a Buddhist tradition. Alas, I came to a deeper understanding of myself, therefore humanity, through my self-inquiry into who I was and what I truly desired. I longed more than any time ever before to answer this question for myself…

How will I make a lasting difference in this world? And in my lifetime?

I believe my answer to this question is The REvolution Of Bliss. Along my journey to this answer, I have

  • made a personal and spiritual pilgrimage of over 500 miles by foot across northern Spain,
  • progressed my study of myself to a full study of what it is to be human, of the human mind, and of neuroscience,
  • led professional seminar courses at a global personal development company for several years,
  • and had my own private practice coaching people of all different strata successfully in their lives.

Through all of it, my journey has been one to Transparency of my self, Mastery of my mind and of myself, and Knowledge that we are all united in our commonality, and that none of us escapes this human condition – no matter what our level of mastery. See. I became a monk after all. It just didn’t look like I thought it would. Ha!

I am excited to share my revelations about this human experience, to continue to discover grace and splendor in the places they are least found, and to be someone who gives all of what she finds away to anyone who will listen. The only way I can do any of this? By being me authentically.

This is My Bliss exposed.

It’s quite simple.


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