love notes from monique #4

I wanted to create a softer side to Real Bliss because we all need a little tenderness.

There’s this vicious cycle of hard work that tells you it’s wrong to revel in your good feelings about your accomplishments. It tells you that this type of behavior is equal to complacency.

So this stunts your ability to feel good and revel in your own happiness about your own experience. In turn, it can make you feel like a ‘stooge’ for feeling good; over time, it can make you feel ridiculous for feeling good about what you did at all.

We’re told we’re wallowing, or that being “complacent” makes us soft… weak. So we learn to stifle our happiness and our good feelings. We don’t want to be soft.

Hard is better.

So we turn away from feeling good and turn into the hardness. Being harder must be better. Isn’t harder stronger? And if that’s true, isn’t harder more durable? Better to be durable than weak.

But is hard more durable? The fact is that hard becomes brittle over time. And brittle breaks. So which is more durable? Hard or malleable?

Malleable means flexible. Flexible is not rigid. But being flexible also means a willingness to be vulnerable — to not look strong all the time, to not be impervious.

Where can this inquiry take you? What can you heal that you’ve held in all this time?

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I consider myself fierce bliss, because I support everyone's revolution and evolution to theirs. It's not about happiness in a false front. It is about a connection to who you are that feels most authentic to you. The word, Authenticity, can be found in so many formulas these days, but authenticity is not a concept or something to be found only in someone else's tutelage. It cannot be given to someone. It must be sought out in the way only each of us can within ourselves. Each day, in my own life, I seek grace... and I find it. Bliss is a fount for us all. I'm here to share my story. If anyone finds themselves reflected in my journey, they are welcome to whatever benefit it brings. We all need a little embrace, and I'm here, embracing bliss so that you may embrace your own.

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