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  • Why Is Mental Health So Challenging?
    Mental health is a subject we are all dealing with far more than in past decades, and there is still stigma. Unpacking a word that holds much stigma here. #therevolutionofbliss
  • self-care can be a bitch sometimes
    Self-care can be a fun phrase, but what does it really mean to you? Are you looking out for your health at deep levels? Are you caring for yourself deeply? #therevolutionofbliss
  • 5 Bene’s of Unraveling Your Nervous System
    Want to know the benefits of your own healing? This is it. These are them. #therevolutionofbliss
  • Feeling Pressure? Grace, Anyone?
    Pressure can seem like it’s all outside of you and barreling in to you from somewhere (or someone) else, which means it can seem like there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. But this article can help you decipher what you can do. #therevolutionofbliss
  • Is FOMO F*king Up Your Life?
    FOMO – fear of missing out… on what? Life? Child, please. #therevolutionofbliss
  • You Are… Breathe… Okay
    Are you having a day? Do you need this reminder? Come get it. It’s for you. #therevolutionofbliss

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As fierce bliss, I continue to seek and find grace and splendor everywhere. Bliss is a possibility for all of us. I'm here as a guide for anyone who seeks more of their own.

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