5 Bene’s of Unraveling Your Nervous System

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The art of healing wounds. The practice of being yourself.

Yes, I do mean benefits and these are 5 you’re gonna want to read ’cause this could unlock any resistance you have to your own healing as well as any ideas you have about it being “out there” or unrealistic.

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One… Calm after the storm. Your wounds are made up of emotions that were stored in your nervous system during heightened interactions with others. These interactions may have been with your parents, your brothers or sisters, extended family, caregivers, schoolmates, peers, friends, romantic interests, teachers, adults in your family circle, strangers that impacted you greatly. The interactions that affect you the most, of course, are the ones that happened during your most formative years – when you’re a sponge as a young child and when you’re first wanting to belong.

Don’t forget… with emotions, we mostly suppress them. Unraveling emotions held deeply from these years can absolutely return you to your authentic self – the self you were before many of those interactions, incidents and events that influenced the person you became. And in your authentic self, you can find your bliss, your ease, your peace.

Two… Negative thoughts bearing down on you? Overwhelming your ability to think positively about a subject or area of your life? You can have relief. We all have negative, pervasive thoughts that follow us around sometimes, and on certain occasions of particular bad days, they follow us on a daily basis? You know the ones that can keep you up at night, or egg you on in moments of conflict – whether inner turmoil or outer – or challenge your confidence in the moments you are pursuing something (or someone) important to you.

These thoughts are deeply entangled – quite literally – with the memory of intense and suppressed emotion in your nervous system. If you’ve ever seen the way synapses develop, or the way they work, or maybe the twisty, overlapping, intertwining way in which nerves grow as well, you can begin to imagine exactly how much “wiring” is constantly influencing your experience of being human via new experiences of past experiences and memory-building.

If you can successfully unravel even some of that entanglement with great care, you can return yourself to peace and your natural intelligence about life and your natural awareness of yourself. There is resilience within. That resilience allows for natural relief from the bad feelings that lead to bad days.

Three… New emotional landscapes. Tired of running through the same emotional patterns in your life? Plagued by a nagging feeling that you can’t quite get rid of this emotion or that one? Unraveling old emotional patterns and healing wounds gives you an easy ability to create new emotional patterns — ones that can feel really good and even thrill you.

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Four… Stop holding others hostage over things and thoughts that don’t matter. You know like when you get in a pissing match and you realize, I’m in a pissing match? Or you’re in an argument and you know it doesn’t feel good but you’re unwilling to stop arguing because… you know you’re right. And it’s preposterous to let this other person get away with murder when you know you’re right. But yet somehow, in the back of your mind, or deep within you, you are highly uncertain you’re not going to regret this later.

Five… Release layers and layers of sucky behavior that you’ve been unable to stop on your own. You want to change, but you have no idea how. It’s like you’re in a loop – like in Groundhog’s Day? You know… you recognize the same shit on a different day, and you’re like, wtf? You thought you were done with that scenario. You said it. You spoke the words, “I’m done with this.” But, somehow, it seems it’s not quite done with you.

The familiarity of our humanity is the very sustenance on which we can thrive, but the replaying of a scenario that we wish would just go away can just keep us feeling stuck, or even worse, like we’re in reverse. We are all about forward motion, but the same sad scenario does not buoy our confidence in ourselves.

As you unravel emotions and practice the art of healing wounds, you’ll also be able to put your finger on the “why” of the continued behavior, the reason why Groundhog’s Day continues in this particular area of your life, and also… why it seems it won’t quit you.

healing is what we’re all about here at the (r)evolution of bliss… come and discover your own

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