Are Your Beliefs Interrupting Your Flow?

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or Bring On The Healing, Baby!

You’ve heard in life, via books, thought leaders, your favorite podcast and/or your social media feed, that your life is sculpted and formed by your beliefs, yes? And to some not-so-great extent or to some incredible extent, you’ve verified for yourself that it’s true. Let’s take it a step further beyond what you may have heard, because it’s not just the beliefs that you think about consciously – the ones that you know for certain when you say, “This is what I believe” – that are determining and influencing the way you think, the way you act, the way you respond to life…

It’s also those OTHER beliefs that you’re completely unaware of that are forming, molding, sculpting, compelling, influencing and informing the trajectory of your life at every moment you breathe.

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You may be now thinking to yourself, what do I believe? … Great beginning…

There are the beliefs that you know you believe – what you can point to that are the ways in which you see/view the world. These are beliefs about people and their value in the world. These are the beliefs you have about rites of passage – marriage, children, getting older, living true to who you are. These are beliefs you hold about your relationship to everything around you – religion, human nature, mother nature, values, principles, morals, etc. These are beliefs you have about life and its intrinsic value to you and to others. These are the beliefs you may fight tooth and nail for in a conversation that opposes the way you think, or even a thinly veiled attempt to convince you otherwise.

There are the beliefs you know you hold, and then there’s

Belief as an Archetype

This is belief that you are not fully conscious or aware of. If someone were to point it out to you to bring it to your attention, you may not recognize it at first as your own but give it some time, and eventually the correlations would dawn on you.

Belief as Archetype is not something you would readily point to as what you believe in. Belief as Archetype, however, is at the very core of who we are. It is that which guides our everyday actions. It is that which is at the very core of how we think, why we think and what we think. It is not about principles. It’s about what we grew up seeing everyday and how we saw life played out on every level around us. It is in our mimicry of what we saw and the ways in which we assimilated trauma from our parents, grandparents, caregivers or anyone else we were raised or guided by.

Belief as Archetype might not even look like belief as you know it if you were to examine it like a coin, or like a specimen under a microscope. Belief as Archetype might look more to you like … and this is really important to say … just how life is.

“How life is” isn’t a perspective to us. It’s just. how. life. is. “How life is” is what we can expect from the world. “How life is” is what is true about the world. But ain’t it interesting that “how life is” is seen in billions of different ways by the more than 7 billion human beings that inhabit this Earth? So how can life be in all of these different ways? I mean, if it’s life – the one life we all have to live – isn’t there just one way it is?

Belief as Archetype is at the very heart of what we believe to be true about life. And that’s why it’s so important to decipher the ways we view life in the healing progress. Yes, I call it the “healing progress.” Not because I don’t know how to spell. I mean that might be true, but that’s certainly not why.

I call it the healing progress because we’re going to begin to emphasize here at the (r)evolution of bliss that we’re always making progress, and we’re going to begin to de-emphasize the need to “process” anything or anyone.

Progress, not process.

Shall we begin?

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