Watching Yourself Cycle Through the Same Hurt and Pain? Read This.

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Do you do the same things over and over unconsciously – not realizing it – and then beat yourself up for “not doing it differently this time?”

“You’re a smart girl, you should know this” can be a demeaning statement to a child.

Do you ever feel out of control and seek anything to feel better? Whether that’s shopping and blowing up your credit cards, or eating your emotions, or having sex like it’s a drug… or [insert here].

“You’re a dumbass” can be a demeaning, harmful and belittling statement to a child.

The cycles of hurt and pain you live with may have more to do with cycles that began as early as you were able to perceive the emotions coming from those around you.

Both of those statements above tell that child that they are not enough as they are. This child has a brain that is still developing, and won’t be complete until that child has become an adult between 23 to 25 years old. That brain will form with this new information and that information will become a part of the way it registers new situations, new circumstances and new relationships.

Each of us have been given these kinds of false statements and false information as children, whether we have distinct memories of it or not. It wasn’t always the intention of those who cared for us to demean and belittle us. It was patterned into their nervous systems as they were raised as children.

Their nervous systems took on the shape of their caregivers’ words and actions like clay takes the shape of the hands molding it. That’s why we turn out “like our parents” no matter how much we try to do it differently.

Nervous systems are what determine our lives. We definitely have a say in the quality of our lives, but our nervous systems are responsible for a great deal of who we are and how we are… read on. Our nervous systems are masterfully built. Systems led by our brains and spinal cords – two incredibly, masterfully functioning super machines.

Our nervous systems control all functioning in our bodies. Our blood cleansing itself depends on the messages sent out through our nervous system. Our skin repairing itself. Our digestion flowing. Our hearts pumping. Our lungs breathing. Our glands secreting. Our genitals heating. Our cells regenerating. It all happens because our nervous system is like the conductor conducting the grand orchestra. The orchestra of our bodies’ systems all intertwining, interdependent and functioning together.

And all the while that’s happening, it’s doing even more yet. It’s taking in information from all around us and storing it in our brains and this information is informing our lives. Every aspect. This information is informing our bodies. Every aspect.

So the next time you think it’s you pulling your own emotional trigger, think again.

Yes, doing the same thing and expecting a different result is insanity. However, most of us are simply on automatic pilot and that is a part of our design. Our nervous system is running in cycles.1 Our whole body runs in cycles. These particular cycles, however, can only be disrupted and quit by a conscious awakening to what is actually happening.

We’ll call this disruption sequence “un”-patterning.2

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1 Human beings have patterns and those patterns did not grow from an intention to harm us, just as much as the patterns in the sands of the desert have no such malevolent intention. The wind blows, the patterns are naturally created in the sand. That’s all. It is the same with human beings.

2 “Un”-patterning is a term we are coining here at the (r)evolution of bliss. It simply means a way of disrupting a pattern in your brain such that it no longer runs along the same synapses created by your neurons; these same synapses could have been created by the neurons in your colon instead.

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