Hurt Turns Us Inside Out.

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And yet we don’t deal with its repercussions.

We don’t much deal with it at all.

Do you heal your hurt? Or do you just get through it? Get to the other side? Manage it.

What is it to receive grace? A healing journey can be an incredibly healthy step along a path mired in “I must,” “it has to happen,” “if I don’t, who will?” and other such platitudes. Yes, you may have the success you’ve wanted, the success you envisioned, but do you have grace?

And I don’t mean grace every now and then… I don’t mean the grace you can remember if you refer back to it. Or someone else’s idea of grace. I mean grace that’s with you every day, every week, every month, every year, every moment of your life.

That’s a grace you can count on. If you have that kind of grace, you have access to your resilience at all times. And your resilience is your superpower.

If you don’t have this kind of grace, then give yourself the gift of finding it. It is within you. If you have a question or questions, reach out to us. This website, the (r)evolution of bliss, is a resource to heal your pain and/or trauma. You can find what you seek.

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As fierce bliss, I continue to seek and find grace and splendor everywhere. Bliss is a possibility for all of us. I'm here as a guide for anyone who seeks more of their own.

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