F*ck Joy

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Did I alarm you?

Yeah, I’m alarmed too. I mean I’ve been looking at all these posts lately and I’m like who can bear the weight of all this joy???

I mean, what am I thinking? Post after post, product after product, I’m only talking bliss here. Who does this????

Do you ever think that? “F*ck joy!?”

I’m right here now. In this place. Updating social media for this site, I’m faced with all the Real Bliss posts at once. And it’s d*mn terrifying sometimes.

No, truly. I’m like, ughhhh!

I start thinking thoughts like, How can you stand this sh*t?!?!! I don’t want to hear another word about my f*cking joy!!!!!!

And then I breathe…

you don’t have to stay…

Look, if you never want to read, hear, know another thing about joy, I understand.

I get it. I bid you farewell now. Adieu. Go with angels. Get out while you can, unscathed.

I, however. cannot. leave. No. I built the d*mn website. I gotta stay. Instead… I have to go through the eye of the needle. You heard me.

I get to go through the eye of this f*cking needle. You know how many needles I’ve been through? Plentyyyy!!!!! Too many to count. I don’t even know if I can again.

I mean, truthfully, I won’t know until I do. I mean, I knew it would be here. This needle… at some point. At some time. I knew it would be here. I knew it was in my immediate future as I began amping up and intensifying the process of taking the (r)evolution of bliss to the next level – to its next level.

I don’t ever really look forward to these moments. But I know that they will come. And even though, I don’t look forward to them, I gotta welcome them in when they come.

Not at first. Oh heavens, no. Not at first. I mean who wants to turn themselves inside out to go through a needle eye? No one. I mean absolutely no one. But we do. We get to.

We get to decide we’ve had enough of life as it is; we’ve had enough of where we want more and we don’t know how or where to get more; we’ve had enough of the limits we feel placed upon us. It’s enough.

It’s time for something new.

So I find my center and I go through. I find my center and I flow through. I find the core of what’s egging me on and do my practice – an easy, intentional practice of love – to release it. What is this practice, you dare ask? I will teach it soon. (I know, I know. A lot of sh*t is coming soon, huh? … Par for the course. We’re at the beginning.)

(Sh*t, we’re always at the beginning.)

For now, I will do my practice and know that I am enough. I will know that the only way out is through. I will know if I don’t come face-to-face now, it will only come up again and somehow different and more difficult on the next go-’round. So before it becomes incredibly daunting, I will take it at “daunting”-size and know that I am enough.

I choose now. I choose now. I choose NOW. It’s all I’ve got.

Now. And now. And now, and now, and now.

It’s okay if you have to go. I do understand. You don’t have to stay. Truth be it, I don’t have to either. But I choose now. I choose stay. I choose my life as it is. And if you want to come back, you now know I’ll be here.

And… you can always stay too.

It’s your choice. Peace.

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I consider myself fierce bliss, because I support everyone's revolution and evolution to theirs. It's not about happiness in a false front. It is about a connection to who you are that feels most authentic to you. The word, Authenticity, can be found in so many formulas these days, but authenticity is not a concept or something to be found only in someone else's tutelage. It cannot be given to someone. It must be sought out in the way only each of us can within ourselves. Each day, in my own life, I seek grace... and I find it. Bliss is a fount for us all. I'm here to share my story. If anyone finds themselves reflected in my journey, they are welcome to whatever benefit it brings. We all need a little embrace, and I'm here, embracing bliss so that you may embrace your own.

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