F*ck Joy

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Did I alarm you?

Yeah, I’m alarmed too. I mean I’ve been looking at all these posts lately and I’m like who can bear the weight of all this joy???

I mean, what am I thinking? Post after post, product after product, I’m only talking bliss here. Who does this????

Do you ever think that? “F*ck joy!?”

I’m right here now. In this place. Updating social media for this site, I’m faced with all the Real Bliss posts at once. And it’s d*mn terrifying sometimes.

No, truly. I’m like, ughhhh!

I start thinking thoughts like, How can you stand this sh*t?!?!! I don’t want to hear another word about my f*cking joy!!!!!!

And then I breathe…

you don’t have to stay…

Look, if you never want to read, hear, know another thing about joy, I understand.

I get it. I bid you farewell now. Adieu. Go with angels. Get out while you can, unscathed.

I, however. cannot. leave. No. I built the d*mn website. I gotta stay. Instead… I have to go through the eye of the needle. You heard me.

I get to go through the eye of this f*cking needle. You know how many needles I’ve been through? Plentyyyy!!!!! Too many to count. I don’t even know if I can again.

I mean, truthfully, I won’t know until I do. I mean, I knew it would be here. This needle… at some point. At some time. I knew it would be here. I knew it was in my immediate future as I began amping up and intensifying the process of taking the (r)evolution of bliss to the next level – to its next level.

I don’t ever really look forward to these moments. But I know that they will come. And even though, I don’t look forward to them, I gotta welcome them in when they come.

Not at first. Oh heavens, no. Not at first. I mean who wants to turn themselves inside out to go through a needle eye? No one. I mean absolutely no one. But we do. We get to.

We get to decide we’ve had enough of life as it is; we’ve had enough of where we want more and we don’t know how or where to get more; we’ve had enough of the limits we feel placed upon us. It’s enough.

It’s time for something new.

So I find my center and I go through. I find my center and I flow through. I find the core of what’s egging me on and do my practice – an easy, intentional practice of love – to release it. What is this practice, you dare ask? I will teach it soon. (I know, I know. A lot of sh*t is coming soon, huh? … Par for the course. We’re at the beginning.)

(Sh*t, we’re always at the beginning.)

For now, I will do my practice and know that I am enough. I will know that the only way out is through. I will know if I don’t come face-to-face now, it will only come up again and somehow different and more difficult on the next go-’round. So before it becomes incredibly daunting, I will take it at “daunting”-size and know that I am enough.

I choose now. I choose now. I choose NOW. It’s all I’ve got.

Now. And now. And now, and now, and now.

It’s okay if you have to go. I do understand. You don’t have to stay. Truth be it, I don’t have to either. But I choose now. I choose stay. I choose my life as it is. And if you want to come back, you now know I’ll be here.

And… you can always stay too.

It’s your choice. Peace.

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