How Focus Creates What You Want

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the simple mechanics of creation

As we move into 2021 and beyond, if we want to create peace in the world, abundance in our lives, or prosperity for us and the ones we love, we must begin to focus wholeheartedly on what we want… and ease focusing with such vigor, vehemence, anger and resistance on what we do not want.

There is so much lately that we would rather do without in our world these days. We look around at what is happening and we say to ourselves, Why? or How can I stop this? Frankly, you could throw a stone in any direction, and it will land on something a whole bunch of people don’t want and are adamant the world would be a better place without. (I’m intentionally not mentioning specific things… it may become clear as to why as you read on.) However, what we don’t reckon with often is that most of what we want to disappear, or go away from our lives, from our neighborhoods, from our countries and from our world is out. of. our. control. So how do we make something disappear if we have no control over it?

Well, when this is the case – as it so often is because there is very little within our control as human beings living on planet Earth – the only option we are left with is to fight. Fight. Fight. And fight we do. Fighting has become a noble cause. A cause celebre. Fight for what’s right. Fight for what you believe. Fight to have a voice. Fight to make them see what they’re doing. Fight for the planet. Fight for the animals that are dying. Fight, fight, fight, fight, fight, fight, fight, fight! Fighting, however, does not result in the outcome we want.

“Wait! Hold up! Did you just say, Fighting does not result in the outcome we want…? How can that be? I mean, isn’t the ‘fight’ the thing? Doesn’t fighting combat what is miserable, ornery and making problems – aka, what is not wanted? Doesn’t fighting mean winning at some point? And isn’t winning prevailing?”

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If the “fight” was the thing and did actually combat whatever we didn’t want, thereby winning and prevailing, don’t you think we’d be there by now? You know “there…”? That place where all the winners revel in the defeat of what is wrong, and where everything is now good, and just, and right. You know? That place? You know it, right?

My point exactly. There is no such place. There is only a vicious cycle called constantly fighting, and it’s not just because the other people won’t get in line with what we want. (And why should they when they want things too?) “So if fighting isn’t getting me where I want to go? What will get me there?” This is a great question, and a perfect starting place. Here is more of what’s at the source of why fighting doesn’t bring you what you want, but how focus does…

Everything is energy in this world. This is simple science. This world is made of energy, and this includes us. Just look back to your 4th grade science textbook and you’ll see the atom, the smallest basic unit of matter. Fyi: matter makes up everything that exists on this planet, including the planet itself. Atoms are energy. Think: the atom bomb for how powerful that energy can be.

Now think of this… We are made of energy. Our thoughts are energy. What you think – the energy that is your thoughts – is constantly affecting you – energy – and the world around you, from the air you breathe to the animals you see to the human beings you relate to – all energy, more energy. Energy. Energy. Energy. Energy.

Now, try on this…

​Where attention goes, energy flows.

The Universe is a neutral multiplying source. Energy builds. It doesn’t die. We all know that there is a lifecycle eminent in all beings made of cells. Cells have at their core, molecules – which are groups of atoms. Cells die all the time. Cell organisms die, and so do the cells in your body. Your skin cells die off constantly, and so do all the cells in your body die over time and replace themselves. Cells are constantly being born – cells splitting, and cells are constantly dying off. This is the cycle of life (or the circle as sung by Sir Elton). But just as cells die off, atoms simply change form. Energy doesn’t die. Think: dog poop turning into methane gas, or rain into condensation and into clouds, if the other was too much for you.

While cells contain particular “messages” for life as we know it and follow a lifecycle, atoms don’t die. They simply transform from one chemical form to another. So energy is abundant, and continues to produce energy, or attract energy. What does this have to do with fighting? Here it is…

When we’re focused on anything – whether negatively or positively, the Universe – a neutral multiplying source – will send more.

​Where attention goes, energy flows.

The Universe is neutral, and has no “investment” in what we deem good or bad, worthy or not worthy, heavenly or sinful. Atoms don’t have judgment. Energy is only after energy. Whatever the energy is. Energy attracts energy. Energy builds energy. The Universe, being neutral, is singularly about energy. And energy is in abundance in this world, and abundance is everywhere.

Ever notice how a bad day often turns worse while you’re focused on what’s wrong about your day? But a bad day can just as often turn great, when you release thinking about what’s wrong and “fall into” the flow of the day? Ever thought to yourself, I can’t even remember why I was mad earlier?

Ever notice how the fight can turn incredibly hard, like drudgery or slogging through mud, when all you’re focused on is what’s wrong? Ever notice how the fight can be supremely daunting when you’re focused on how you cannot win / why you can’t win / how hard the very fight is?

​Where attention goes, energy flows.

Putting your attention on your resistance will build more resistance. Putting your attention on what’s working will build more ease which allows for more flow.

Ever heard of “the zone?” It’s not a mythical place reserved for sports athletes, or artists. It’s for everyone at anytime. It is simply a place of flow, where life is happening easily and effortlessly. Energy builds energy. Like energy attracts like energy.

This world is so perfectly made up of infinite possibilities.

Our energy creates, attracts, realizes our worlds – even in a larger consciousness, whether that be of a familial nature, of a company – intimately scaled, or Amazonian-sized, of a neighborhood, of a country, or on a global scale.

We can each become responsible for our individual energy and get that we are the creators of the worlds we see. The “world” around you is the one you create in every moment that it appears before you.

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