If we want to create peace in the world, abundance in our lives, or prosperity for the ones we love, we must begin to focus only on what we want and cease focusing with such vigor, vehemence and anger on what we do not want. There is so much focus lately on what we want to disappear from our zeitgeist, except it – what we want to disappear – is out of our control. So how do we make something disappear if we have no control over it?

Often, the only option we are left with when this is our point of view is to fight. Fighting, however, does not net the outcome we’d like. There are other possibilities in this world, which is made up of infinite possibilities.

Everything is energy in this world. It is science. This world is made of energy, and so are we.

We are made of energy. Our thoughts are energy. What you think – the energy that is your thoughts – is constantly affecting you – energy – and the world around you – more energy.

If you’re focused on what you don’t want, the Universe – a neutral multiplying source – will send you more. The Universe is neutral. It does not judge, or answer your requests based on whether or not it “thinks” the request is worthy or unworthy. The Universe is only about abundance. Abundance is everywhere, even when all we see is lack. Remember, we see with limited vision. Omniscience is not our forte.

​Where attention goes, energy flows.

The Universe doesn’t judge you or your desire. You are great. Your desire is great. (And when I say, “great,” I don’t mean “awesome.” Although you are. “Great” speaks more to a largesse.) The Universe fulfills on your desire because you are. It acts, responds and supplies whether you are happy or unhappy, whether you find what it sends to you good or bad, whether you are up or down, and whether  you take action on what it sends your way or not.

We can begin to focus on the truth of the future here. The future is unwritten. There is not some world out there that we have to fit into. The world that is “out there” is tailor-made for us. It gets created for us, because its realization begins within us. The only world that we see, witness, experience is the one that rises up to meet us because 1) we’ve desired it, and 2) our energy, attention, and focus are on whatever is making our world.

Our energy creates, attracts, realizes our worlds. Even in the larger consciousness, whether that be on a family scale, the scale of a company, a neighborhood, a country, or on a global scale.

We can each become responsible for our energy and get that we are the creators of the world we see. The world around you is the one you create in every moment that it appears before you.

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  1. Sorry about that initial published post. I’ve been going through Hurricane Irma down here in Miami. I haven’t had time to write, and once I did, I didn’t give myself enough time to edit. I always have to edit, but I missed editing before the post went live. Thank you for your forgiveness if you felt I had a possibly heavy hand. If the post worked for you, then thank you for receiving me with a warm embrace. And for those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about… don’t fret. This is not my norm. 🙂

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