Who Told You Life Ain’t All Sunshine & Roses?

“Life is not just sunshine and roses,” I heard someone say in a condescending and rude manner somewhere.

What the f@*% is wrong with sunshine and roses? They’re f@*%ing bliss.

And what is our attachment to suffering?

Sunshine keeps us from hurtling through space on a large rock through utter darkness, and…

Roses… Well, they’re damn pretty. And smell good too! (… if you get the good ones that grow in amazing soil.)

Jesus Christ!
When can it really just be about light and happiness with no need to justify that it is only about light and happiness?

Okay, this has been an interlude from our regularly scheduled bliss and only bliss posts. This is what an enlightened rant looks like.. Ha!

Kumbayah, motherf@%ker! Kumbayah!

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