The Practice of Appreciation Helps You to Realize The Life You Want

Appreciate myself. That’s what I do. I’m doing more of it lately than usual. Good for me. It’s healthy and feeds my soul.

It can do the same for you. Maybe you are a person who appreciates everything about yourself and to you, I’m preaching to the chorus. But maybe you’re someone who has a tough time finding things in your life to be grateful for, or reasons to take a self-care day just for you. Maybe the reason you don’t appreciate yourself with great abandon is because you have an aversion to doing this. And frankly, there could be a number of reasons for your aversion.

Maybe it strikes you as self-centered. Make no mistake. It is. You are centering your self.

Maybe it seems like you are putting yourself above others. Yes, again. You are doing that too. Another way to say it is, you’re prioritizing you.

Maybe it seems like it’s self-aggrandizing. It is that, for sure. But Marianne Williamson has already said, making yourself small to make others feel more comfortable is not who you are. So maybe making yourself bigger would bring you up to the right size.

Loving ourselves is something we know we should do more of, but getting beyond the stigma of being thought egotistical – or egomaniacal, at worst – gets in the way of all of us fully embracing self-love.

Appreciation is a beautiful practice. For me, it’s heads above the practice of gratitude. Gratitude, for most people, is being appreciative of what you have, what you possess, or what’s around you.

Some people know gratitude is for all of it, the beauty of you included. However, many of us have stigma around the very words that make gratitude gratitude. Remember that nagging aunt that kept telling you to say thank you to everyone and for everything. Gratitude, for many of us, does not go without its stigma in our adulthood.

We talk a lot about gratitude these days. In fact, I’m sure someone will comment about how important gratitude is to them as if I have broken some covenant by saying many of us have stigma. We speak often about self-care these days as well. But with what intensity are we able to perform these tasks: gratitude and self-care? Appreciation doesn’t have a lot of stigma because it’s rather foreign to most of us. Appreciation is like a beautiful prayer of love we can send up about anything we are thinking about or focused on. And if you don’t subscribe to prayer, don’t worry. Appreciation can intensify your feelings of joy and love and all you have to do is be present.

Appreciation is attention you give to what you love about you. Appreciation can be your good feelings amplified through your thoughts, and even your words, if you choose. You can speak aloud, or remain silent. You can find a meditative stance, or just have a moment while you’re waiting for your laundry to dry. The point? To amplify your good feelings. That’s all.

What feels better than that? And feelings are everything in the world of creation.

Okay, we’ve fast-forwarded. Let’s take it back some steps.

Think of it… When the value of a home appreciates, who is more happy than the owner? The value, the perceived value of the home, is going up. It’s rising. It’s increasing.

Increase. Yes, we have stigma around that too.

But wouldn’t it be great if the value of “us” appreciated? Increased? Good feelings would follow. What could be cooler than feeling better and better and better and better?

But just like a home, we have our own perceived value. And any stigma we have about the practice of appreciation or self-care or even, gratitude, likely has to do with our own perceived value of ourselves.

Look, appreciation is an awesome tool that can be used to uplift yourself and bring yourself more joy (and even bliss) than you have known previously. And just as the practice of gratitude is meant to imbue you with better feelings about your life and all that you have, so too does appreciation bring you a greater intensity of good feelings about yourself, and your life.

On the revolution of bliss, we will provide more exercises of Appreciation. So stay tuned. Until then, find your own way into appreciating the wonderful qualities that are you. They are all there. Find them for yourself and just take one moment, if that’s all you have, to tell yourself why you appreciate you.

It’ll make your day. I promise. (wink, smile)

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    1. So great. I know you’ll receive so much from your practice of this, and your “multiplication”, in particular. Let us know what results you’re experiencing. Thank you for speaking here.

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