The Practice of Appreciation Helps You to Realize The Life You Want

Appreciate myself. That’s what I do. I’m doing more of it lately than usual. Good for me. It’s healthy and feeds my soul.

It can do the same for you. Once you get beyond your possible aversion to appreciating yourself.

Loving ourselves is something we know we should do more of, but getting beyond the stigma of being thought egotistical – or egomaniacal, at worst – gets in the way of fully embracing self-love. So I’m sure self-appreciation will require managing our angst around similar stigma.

Appreciation is a beautiful practice. For me, it’s heads above the practice of gratitude.

Yep, I said that.

Gratitude is everywhere you look these days. But I’ll go one step better to Appreciation. Appreciation is like a beautiful prayer of love we can send up about anything we focus on. And if you’re not religious, or prayer doesn’t speak to you, that’s no matter.

Appreciation is your good feelings amplified through your thoughts, and even your words, if you choose. You don’t have to take a prayer stance, you can just speak aloud. The point? To amplify your good feelings until you reach a state where you can feel your appreciation like joy radiating throughout you.

What feels better than that? And feelings are everything in the world of creation.

Okay, we’ve fast-forwarded. Let’s take it back some steps.

Think of it… When the value of our home appreciates, we get happy. We think, This is good. The value is going up. It’s rising. It’s increasing.


Wouldn’t it be great if the value of “us” appreciated?

Our value is an intangible factor, just as much as it is for a home, so it definitely can increase. And without the help of another… we don’t need a boss to call us great, or a client to give us great feedback on Yelp, or a friend/colleague to praise us with superlatives like ‘extraordinary,’ ‘amazing,’ or ‘influential…’

Our value can appreciate without the help of others outside of us.

When the value of a home depreciates, it always has to do with some determining circumstance. When we depreciate our value, it always comes from within, because our value is what we say it is.

This idea of the depreciation of our value is provocative. “Self-deprecating…” Why do we admire people who are self-deprecating? The word is akin to “depreciate.” We give value to those who devalue themselves. What are we giving value to?

Merriam-Webster defines self-deprecating as…

  1. meant to make oneself or the things one does seem unimportant

Are we really valuing ourselves for making us seem unimportant? Isn’t that ironic? Isn’t that the opposite of valuing ourselves?

I mean, it completely is one point-of-view in the world. Valid and available. But do we realize what we do when we use these words… this speaking? We say that our words are important, but do we recognize what we do with our words? And how can our words be important, if we are not?

Do we realize how we devalue ourselves and others in the act of self-deprecation or deprecation… or depreciation?

And do we realize that when we are in an appreciating mode that life just goes well?

Yes, when we are in appreciation of our lives and ourselves, life falls into place so beautifully. Appreciation, more than gratitude, allows you to find the best of your life that you love and feel your way deeply into your good feelings about it. Going deep into your good feelings is bliss. Going deep into your sweet feelings is ecstasy. Letting yourself really fall into this place of bliss and ecstasy is what multiplies into the realization (or the manifestation) of the grand vision we have for our lives. We are in the flow.

But while we are depreciating ourselves and our lives, life seems to fall apart. Nothing goes right. Or very little. (I mean, given our very nature is joy, something will go right and according to plan.) However, depreciation brings more to depreciate. Depreciation brings more things going wrong, more of what you don’t want, and more lack in every thing you focus on.

Appreciation, when practiced, is received by the neutrality of the Universe and all that you want is created again and again. Depreciation is received by the Universe and you are met with an experience of what you don’t want, frustration, sadness, anger, resentment, or anything else that might make you want another life. Sometimes these emotions make you want to live another life – that’s just more depreciation… devaluation of your life. Sometimes these emotions make you want to work harder to make another way – one wherein what is happening won’t happen again. This is just more depreciation, and you end up not in the flow. Instead, you are in some attempt to control life and make it be what you want it to be – because you think it’s not good enough as it is right now. You want it to be different from how it is now, except that’s a devaluation too.

The Universe is multiplying abundantly. Scientists call it “expanding.” Multiplying abundantly. Expanding. Which will you choose for your life? To multiply your depreciation? Or… To multiply your appreciation?

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    1. So great. I know you’ll receive so much from your practice of this, and your “multiplication”, in particular. Let us know what results you’re experiencing. Thank you for speaking here.

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