On Life Mastery #1

Mastery of life is an incredible space to be in.

Now, that’s interesting how I said that, right? Most of us consider mastery to be a destination. Like you study and do all sorts of things to become a master, and then you’re there and there’s nothing else to do.

No, mastery is just the beginning. Ask any master.

Mastery, in terms of life, comes when you can successfully say that you know how to truly surrender to life.

Now there are some that will say, yes to this concept. And some of those same people will agree because they feel that they know exactly what this is saying and that they have experienced just that.

Some people feel they know what it is to surrender to life. I’m saying they don’t.

Now, I’m not interested in invalidating anyone’s experience, even though there are some who would be truly offended by what I’ve said. All I’m pointing to is that some people think they know surrender. I ask them to consider they know very little of surrender, and to truly surrender takes being willing to lose everything you have and it not matter. At all.

Because if you’re willing to lose everything and it not matter one iota, then you know what it is to truly surrender to a power you cannot control. And that is a beautiful thing.

Some of you have just thrown up in your mouth at the idea of relinquishing control at that level. Some of you are about to close this website because you have just lost all interest in reading further. Losing all control? Have I lost my mind?!?!!

What is true surrender to life?

A WILLINGNESS to be supported WHOLLY by the Universe.

SUPPORTED WHOLLY BY THE UNIVERSE means you’ve got to believe that there’s a Universe out there that has your back. It also means that when you’ve allowed yourself to be supported wholly by that force greater than you that wholly has your back, you’ve also relinquished all control you professed to have ever in life. This means relinquishing control even when you think you know better.

No control. None.

Some of you think I’ve gone batty. Some of you may be downright indignant right about now. I know about thinking I know better. I know about thinking I’ve got to “figure life out.” I know about control and not being willing to relinquish any of it.

Been there. Felt safe there. Designed the t-shirt. Sold it to everyone around me.

Control is overrated. Surrender is the way.

What tidbit of control could you relinquish today to feel a wee bit lighter from it all?

What control could you see you’d actually be better off without?

What if your success could be based not on your accomplishments, but on how many times you were present in a day? What if that success led you to everything else you ever wanted? It could happen, you know.

My success is wholly based on how wonderful it feels to know that my life is being guided, in every moment, by the Universe – what I also call Source. And I am wholly a part of the Universe. I am not separate from it. That is why my life works best.

I don’t separate myself from the Universe. As I expand, so does the Universe. It does not expand separate from all of its inhabitants. It and its inhabitants expand mutually.

Okay, what one thing could you do today to let go of control and feel lighter in your world? What one thing could you give up controlling and begin to see your load in life lessen?

Let go of that one thing and see how you fare for an entire day, an entire week… okay, okay, an entire two days. (wink, smile)

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