On Life Mastery #1

Mastery comes when you can successfully say that you know how to truly surrender to life.


What is true surrender to life?

A WILLINGNESS to be supported WHOLLY by the Universe.

SUPPORTED WHOLLY BY THE UNIVERSE, even when you think you know better.

I know about thinking I know better. I know about thinking I’ve got to “figure life out.”

I know about feeling completely unsafe to trust my whole life to the Universe, when I have no idea what that looks like in practice.

I know about thinking that people might take me for a total a$# to say that anyone should trust their whole life to an unknown variable. What?!

I also know that I have surrendered my whole life to the support and guidance of the Universe…

and I’m winning.

In fact, I’m thriving.

I am the most successful I’ve been in my whole life, and it’s not because of what I’ve accomplished. I’m not counting up all of my accomplishments to denote my “success.” And, to be certain, I’ve accomplished some rad a$# things in my life.

My success is wholly based on how wonderful it feels to know that my life is being guided, in every moment, by the Universe – what I also call Source. And I am wholly a part of the Universe. I am not separate from it. That is why it works best.

I don’t separate myself out from the Universe. As I expand, so does it. The Universe does not expand separate from all of its inhabitants. It and its inhabitants expand mutually.

Life is an extraordinary place. When you think yourself separate from all of it and alone in your endeavor to make your life great, you limit yourself from what’s truly possible.

Desire is your beginning. The Universe works from there. Patience, faith, trust and surrender are the path to everything you want.

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