Men and Women: We Are Both Different and the Same

thinking about the men in my life and how grateful I am to be a woman among them.

there is a lot that gets lost in translation between us two genders…

and there’s a lot of love and a lot of desire to communicate well and understand even better.

that’s what’s so beautiful about human beings – our willingness to keep going, stay in there, continue discovering.

the beauty of this is a forever thing.

— Monique McIntyre, Fierce Purveyor of Bliss


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Photo by Tanja Heffner on Unsplash

Published by the (r)evolution of bliss

I consider myself fierce bliss, because I support everyone's revolution and evolution to theirs. It's not about happiness in a false front. It is about a connection to who you are that feels most authentic to you. The word, Authenticity, can be found in so many formulas these days, but authenticity is not a concept or something to be found only in someone else's tutelage. It cannot be given to someone. It must be sought out in the way only each of us can within ourselves. Each day, in my own life, I seek grace... and I find it. Bliss is a fount for us all. I'm here to share my story. If anyone finds themselves reflected in my journey, they are welcome to whatever benefit it brings. We all need a little embrace, and I'm here, embracing bliss so that you may embrace your own.

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