Your Thoughts Create Your Life… No Two Ways About It!

No. One. Else’s. Thinking. Can. Create. Your. Life.

Only your thinking can create your life.

Even your thinking about their thinking can create your life.

But it’s still. Your. Thinking.

Your denial about your thoughts being the source of your life doesn’t disintegrate that relationship.

Your acceptance, however, that you are thinking certain thoughts does disperse the energy that has been propelling them to “sculpt,” if you will, your life experience.

Acceptance allows for transcendence.

If I’m putting all this thought into worrying about what you’re thinking, it will look like your thinking is determining my life. Not so. It’s all my worry, concern, anger or frustration that I’m doing that is energizing my thoughts and my desire – the basis of creation of all of life. And if those thoughts are about what I say I do not want, then I am now creating more of what I say I don’t want… when what I say I want is the utter opposite.

You gotta keep up on that one. Phew! … It seems circular, but it unfurls for easier digestion quite easily.

Monique, Fierce Purveyor of Bliss. The Revolution Of!

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