Healing Your Heart Empowers Your Life

Almost a year ago, I led an experimental seminar – the first of its kind – to a group of willing participants in an effort to design a seminar and coaching material that would speak to a new idea of being productive. My intention was that the seminar would provide some insight into how I could reach people – people that were entrenched in the current paradigm of needing to be motivated to take action, the “you’ve got to do to get” mentality. I wanted to show people, women in particular, that they don’t have to do, do, do to have an incredible life; because I know personally how much the women in my life have had to “do” to just have enough. My life has been a gift that has taught me a new paradigm of being productive that involved only ease and the magic of life. I wanted to give that away in spades through this seminar. Accomplishing this feat without having these participants whittle the course content down to hogwash or mere magical thinking was the big trick I was committed to pulling off.

Let me explain a bit more. Through my study of human beings and of myself, I had begun to be disparaged by all the techniques and “tools” out there guided by our unique fascination as Americans at being ultra-productive. All of the folks out there who consider themselves to be experts providing formulas for success, or providing you their experience so you can get “there” where they are faster, easier and with even greater success are doing what they think will make a huge difference in the lives of others. I say kudos to them for they are fulfilling the purpose they have set before themselves. I just think there’s a lot more ease that can be had and to much greater result, more rewarding and much better for the health and well-being of all involved. Not only do I think this, I know this. And I, much like the success formula folks, want to say it out loud so that anyone wanting to hear can. What I say is not for everyone, but the ones who are interested, they will come and get what they seek.

So I set out to do this seminar, not really knowing what would come about, but knowing it was the right time to do it. And it was a success. I learned. The willing participants learned, and they discovered a newfound sense of being productive in their lives.

What happened, you ask? I led a journey of exploration through the heart in an effort to heal the heart.

That’s a path to productivity? Yes, it is. Here’s how…

When we get sick, a cold, the flu, something more substantial, maybe even life-threatening, we begin a search to find the source. We begin to seek the source of our illness, of our disease. We employ health professionals, of whatever kind we’re vested in, and we use whatever resources we have at our ready to do what’s necessary to get better, to feel better. Those resources could include anything from pharmaceutical medications to homeopathic remedies to exercise to acupuncture to yoga to massage therapy to rehabilitative therapy to so many other health modalities and/or remedies.

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But what about that less tangible part of ourselves? What about the heart that abides in us all? Not the one that uniformly pumps blood through our veins and receives blood by way of our arteries. Not the one that provides nourishment to our bodies via our red blood cells and heals our bodies via our white blood cells. Not the physical “pump” that is located in our chest cavities, underneath our rib cages, beating at a rate that is hopefully within the bounds of what is healthy for our age, weight, and build.

No, the “heart” of which I speak is the one that has fielded both the love and the pain, the ecstasy and the wounds, the good times and the ba… less than good times, the gains and the loss, the highs and the lows, the glory and the devastation. This heart is the one that we feel with, but has no physical location within our bodies. The fact that it has no physicality, however, does not deter it from creating very real physical sensations throughout our nerves, tissues, muscles and organs. This intangible part of us even registers each of us to use our minds to take particular actions that will either subvert the pain, or extend the joy.

This heart is the one that we move by (moved by our passion or simply a good feeling), tell time by (memories we both hold close and at a distance); and use as a guide to erect monuments to others, or tear down pedestals we no longer feel are worthy of existence.

And when we have hurt, the first thing we do is not always to assess what’s happened with a health professional and then see how we can begin the healing process. In fact, often, our next steps after receiving heartbreak of some sort is just to MOVE THROUGH the best we can.

If we had a cold, we couldn’t move through. I mean we definitely try, but often if we have a cold and we don’t do anything to remedy it, we find ourselves with a worsening condition of devolving symptoms. After shunning a doctor’s visit, we utter words like, “Oh, it’s nothing. I’ll get over it in a day or two.” Maybe we do, maybe we don’t. Sometimes it works, but sometimes it fails epicly.

If we have the flu, we couldn’t move through. If we had something more substantial, we couldn’t just move through. Not without a remedy of some sort to help us return ourselves to normal, or healthy.

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So if we do this for colds and flus and all else… Why then do we not do some version of this remedy to heal our heart?

Why then do we just think we’ll “get through it somehow,” get rid of the pain by “not thinking about it,” or “hope that it goes away?” Why do we not take more healing measures? Why do we act differently when healing is required for our intangible selves? Our intangible heart?

And analysis, like psychoanalysis, or your own mental analysis, is not in the realm of healing. It is often a necessary process but all in all, it does not produce the same effects as actual healing modalities. Working with the mind is simply not working with the heart.

Healing our hearts can be the answer to healing traumas that we’ve held in our bodies and minds for moments, or for lifetimes. And we all have trauma. Trauma is any incident in which we feel not able to cope and are overwhelmed by our circumstances. Healing our hearts can be the answer to healing traumas that we’ve held as individuals, or as groups. Healing our hearts can be the answer to healing traumas of old, or of today.

Healing is a wonderful way to acknowledge that you have lived a glorious life and though it has not always looked to you as “glorious”, that this new perspective can always be welcome in a sobering moment. Healing can bring you joy where you never thought you’d have more than thoughts of revenge. Healing is universal, and it is your birthright.

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And once you have healed, you no longer have to compensate for what was unhealed – your wounds. Imagine for a moment that you want to do some work on the roof of your house. (If you’re not handy, don’t worry. This is an exercise in imagination. You can do it. You are limitless in your imagination. Wink.) Imagine that in getting ready for the work you are about to do on the roof, you take out the tools you’ll need to accomplish your task – one of which is most necessary is the ladder to get you up on the roof.

Well, wait, there’s one thing I haven’t mentioned though. You have two logs attached to your hands. Both are skinny logs, but one has twigs protruding from it, and both logs are protruding from your hands, making it very difficult to hold tools or to climb a ladder. But this is what you have to work with. I won’t mention that you have a very heavy tire around your mid-section that’s been there for so long you’ve learned to cope with it. It’s made of a thin rubber but it’s filled with your body weight in sand, so it’s been a bitch to accommodate. But you’ve done it, so I wasn’t going to mention it because you’ve accommodated walking and moving with it so well, you barely recognize it’s there anymore. The logs, however, are fairly new. You haven’t quite learned how to work with them. But you are a productive-minded individual so you will soldier through.

Now imagine how it would be to have to accommodate more of these kinds of things. These protrusions and this inhibiting extra weight represent the unhealed wounds within you. They represent what you have to compensate for to be productive in your life. It’s a lot, yes? And those aren’t the only 3 things. You’ve got more. So imagine now, what life would be like if you didn’t have to “accommodate,” or compensate for all the protrusions, heavy weight and all else you carry around? What if they were gone? You’d be far more productive wouldn’t you?

Easy peasy.

Yes, that’s the ease and magic of life of which I spoke earlier. Get it? I hope so.

I learned some things during that seminar about how to present this new paradigm and have folks begin to see where they’ve only scratched the surface. And I’m still learning with the (r)evolution of bliss. Healing our hearts is one of the major factors of being more blissful day in / day out that I can see will make a monumental difference for each and every human being on this planet. I believe that it can happen. Who knows where it will all lead and what the world will look like, but that’s my game. I’ll let you know how it’s all progressing each step of the way.

Look, find your healing where you need it most. Allow the Universe to offer you answers, and as you take them, know that the healing is an opportunity for your greatest growth and splendor. Healing brings wholeness.

Be well. Be healthy. Be whole.

Be enough.

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