Whatever you fight will simply grow in size.




So instead of that thing you’re fighting getting lesser, or smaller in size or stature… which is the point, yes? That’s why you’re fighting it, yes? To win the battle?… Instead, that thing you’re fighting is getting bigger. And bigger. Strange concept, huh?

But true.

Where attention goes, energy flows.

This is why fighting does nothing to solve a problem, instead the problem will simply continue to return and just when you thought… you… had… it… all… solved.

Being a fighter is instilled in many of us. Everywhere we turn these days, from the radio, to the television, to motivational speakers and such, we hear about the “good fight.” Fighting has been a part of our zeitgeist for a very long time; in fact, since the beginning of our time here on Earth. This is why war is such an ongoing part of our world.

On the other side of the coin, but that very coin all the same… When you fight that you are a fighter, or that you like to fight, or that fighting is a valuable – or, at the very least, a valid – way of handling life… you are fighting just the same. It is not wrong to be a fighter. The opportunity is to transcend the fight. To discover something new that you’ve never known before, instead of continuing to go back to your old standby.

The Good Fight, be it “good” or not, is still a fight. Fighting begets more of the same.

It’s your choice. Fight. Or. Ease. Choose what empowers you.


I only speak from my own experience. I have been a warrior at heart. And I have taught myself, and continue to teach myself, to leave my fight behind. One day at a time.

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