Let’s get right down to it, shall we? Thought is the basic building block of human creation. Thoughts are propelled by desire – desire at its most basic, not necessarily sexual desire (although some will box it in there).

Your thoughts – these basic building blocks – are always aligned with your beliefs, whether your beliefs are positive or negative. Your beliefs can be your values, morals and ethics; but they can also be your superstitions, and inherited beliefs from your parents, family, society, culture, previous generations, your ethnic group or your ancestors. Most times, we are not aware of our beliefs. You would think it would be simple, however it’s not always easy to know what your beliefs are. The easiest way to identify them is to look at your life – whatever is in your life is there by virtue of your belief.

So there’s belief and then there’s the thoughts that are at the core of our beliefs. Well, let’s break it down one more level so that we can have some ease with all the material you’ll be digesting in this article. A Belief is simply a thought you think often.

Yes, a belief is not something you’ve put a lot of effort into, a lot of years of culling through what you’ve been taught or not taught, a bunch of conversations with others to know if what you believe is true or false. No. Belief is simply a thought that you think often. It’s that easy.

So these beliefs are just thoughts, and these thoughts are the building blocks of all creation. Then it follows… if there’s something you desire and you’ve don’t have it in your creative, little hands, know this: All there is to be is conscious of your thinking to create powerfully and intentionally.


First up… If you don’t like your belief, change it. Got something in your life that you detest? First comes acceptance. Acceptance of it as the reality that’s currently running in your life like an app runs on a computer. Accepting the troubled areas of your life is accepting your beliefs that created those troubles. This is sometimes the most difficult part, as we like to look outside of ourselves to substantiate our claim as to why life “sucks.” You don’t have to like what I’ve said, just try it on like you would an article of clothing at the store to see if it fits. Once you’ve chosen to explore, discover, and accept your belief, and for real, not in pretense, then you will gain access to ways in which to alter it. G.I. Joe on Saturday mornings used to say, “Knowing is half the battle.” You may think my reference childish – or hilarious – and my point is that it totally applies here.

It’s like the turnstile in a subway. You can’t act as if the turnstile isn’t there, like how we sometimes try to avoid or deny what’s right before us in our lives. You avoid the reality of the turnstile and try running through it, you’ll end up a hurt, bloody or broken mess. But see the turnstile for what it is, real and existing in front of you, there to be dealt with, even if you decide to jump it – which is a possible way of approaching it – you’ll still be dealing with the reality of the turnstile; and not your own stubborn point of view.

Second up… Knowing your values increases your ability to consciously create. Take a look and discern what your values are. What do you hold important? What do you value in a person? In a relationship? In your career? In your adventures? Looking at and discovering what you value helps you to focus your thoughts, your mind. Focused thought is conscious thought and is easier to be propelled by desire because your thought and desire are now fully aligned.

Knowing what you value also helps you to discern with greater clarity what you want in your life, and out of your life. Becoming aware can bring you opportunity to be creative in new conscious applications of your forethought and action. Being aware of your values also helps you to appreciate the life you have and how you’ve already masterfully created so much of it.

Next up… Uncover your core beliefs influencing your behavior and actions. A belief is just a thought that you give attention to. Core beliefs are formed during childhood when your connection to your emotions was purest with the least resistance. Uncovering your core thoughts/beliefs is a matter of reverse engineering. When you work back from your behavior and the results your behavior produces, you can begin to see what is at the core of your thought process – your brain’s logic, which does not always accurately reflect your logic. Your brain’s only purpose is your survival. That often means its purpose and yours, if yours is to be happy, are at odds with one another.

Your brain’s logic is not based on the same thought parameters. A pure example of this is the simple task of your Amygdala, which initiates your fight or flight response. A particularly intense argument can pose the same level of danger to your amygdala as the threat of death. Disagreement with a spouse, family member, or friend, contention in a work-related matter, money issues, or loss of a loved one or a close relationship can all trigger this protective mechanism. The logic that this part of your brain follows, if uncovered, may not always make sense to your logical mind; but if you add 1 to 1, 2 will follow.

You can uncover these core thoughts by looking at your relationships with others and, more importantly, the way you relate to yourself. Using a friendly, supportive sounding board and/or outside pov, like a coach, support group, therapist or good friend, you can find what lay hidden – mostly from you – under the surface. When you become conscious of these core thoughts/beliefs, you then gain access to shifting them. Sometimes all that’s necessary for a shift is to simply accept that they exist. Acceptance dissipates all the emotional intensity that is attached and influencing so much of your everyday or consistent behavior.

Next up… Be responsible for your thoughts. Consciousness is always the first step. And often the second is being responsible for that your thoughts emanate from you. No one else but you. Think you’re being disregarded, disrespected, oppressed by something or someone? It all begins with a thought. Consider… Who’s having the thought, “I’m being disregarded, disrespected, oppressed?”

If you answered, “Me,” you’re pointing in the right direction.

Thoughts become things. Realizing your thoughts, the ones you put your attention on, are creating your reality, is the beginning of being aware and awake.

Simply being responsible for that it’s the voice in your head telling you all the bad things about your boss, that your friend is betraying you, that your mom is stunting your growth, that your circumstances are the worse that have ever been, that your situation has never happened to anyone else, that your life is a hot mess, you become conscious of the thoughts you’re having that are running your life. Remember our beginning premise… Thought is the basic building block of human creation. It’s the voice in your head that has your accent representing all your thought processing. The voice in your head doesn’t make you crazy, it makes you human. Noticing and being responsible for this one thing will give you a substantial increase in your personal power than you currently experience.

Finally… First come thoughts, then come emotions. All thoughts lead to emotions. If a thought of yours leads to negative emotions, then it is also stealing your power, your aliveness, your joy. Emotions are valuable tools, if allowed to be seen, heard, noticed, felt. If you’re not having the result you’d like in your life, check in with your emotions. Feel and discover. Get real with your emotions. We like to fool ourselves sometimes. Being straight with yourself will make this most potent.

Once you’ve discovered the negative emotion, seek out the thought behind it that is disempowering you. Once you know about the thought that is dissipating your power, you can take the thought and turn it on its head. Find its opposite, or the version that feels better. Once you have the good-feeling thought, milk it for the good feeling it provides. Your continued attention and focus on the new thought will give it more and more credence in your brain, causing rewiring, and more and more power within you connected to it. An empowered thought is a powerful thought. Redundant, but potent. (See? Nothing but power here.)

These are all ways you can become conscious of your thinking that is already influencing your experience and your behavior, and change it. These are ways to use your conscious thought to create what you want. Thoughts don’t have to sabotage us. All thought, conscious or subconscious, can be used to our benefit. Taking your time, being willing to explore and discover, and getting help from others can provide you the opportunity to be a part of your own transformative and creative processes again and again.

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