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The Tao Te Ching speaks of the Master doing nothing. And in this sentence, the essence of not-doing is revealed.

Just as the path of least resistance has nothing to do with laziness, not-doing has nothing to do with magical thinking.

Not-doing is simply ceasing to be oriented around action for the sake of action. Motivational speakers talk of taking action like that’s the thing that causes movement in life. Action does not cause movement, feeling does. Feel great about something, feel as if everything will turn out and you will be inspired to take actions the outcome of which will surprise and delight you.

You know this. You’ve witnessed it in your life. If you haven’t put your finger on it yet, look through your past to find times where it has happened. Then cull those memories together to see the connecting thread. It’s all there and it wants to be of use to you again and again.

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Being a Fierce Purveyor of Bliss means I seek out ways of being transparent to reveal all I've learned of this human experience, and I continue to discover grace and splendor in places they are least found. This is my Bliss exposed.

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