Do You Consider Exploring Your Thoughts And Feelings Dangerous?

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We spend much of our time assessing or deciding the quality and value of our thoughts and feelings rather than listening to them and allowing them to speak to us, and/or tell us the secrets they wish to reveal. And often in our assessment from our minds about matters of our hearts, we miss the mark.

We go for what’s familiar, what we’ve discovered previously, what we think we already know, what we’ve been told, or what we’ve read or heard about. But many times all of those things (clichés retold, mantras we’ve learned by rote, popular maxims. time-worn sayings, memes, etc.) are not what’s there, within us. And when we generalize our growth, or self-awareness – a way of us minimizing the risk of vulnerability – we often miss the treasure troves our unique and individual thoughts & feelings hold for us.

Sometimes we generalize because we just don’t know any better. We’re at the beginning of our path, and we’re not used to checking in with ourselves – going deeper is not something we have a track record of yet. So we end up missing what our bodies, hearts and minds are saying to us for the ease of reiterating what someone else more “expert” than us (anyone we think is an expert or authority) told us. This could be anyone from our therapist to someone in a YouTube video we once watched that made sense to us.

Sometimes we’re afraid to be wrong about what we “hear” from within, or we’re afraid to be incorrect about assessing our emotions.

Sometimes we miss an authentic check-in with ourselves because we’re not willing, or possibly not ready, to confront what’s really going on inside us or what our emotions have to say.

And sometimes it’s simply because we don’t realize that whatever we are doing is not authentic, but full of pretense.

Checking in with ourselves authentically, whatever our state, and in our own right time, is most vital to our health and well-being – this goes beyond the health of our physical bodies and really speaks to our overall well-being (physical, mental, and emotional, as well as spiritual, if that applies).

Letting your feelings speak to you to tell you what’s happening with you is healthy fare. Letting your brain give you hints and straight answers about your state of mind and about your physical well-being is all a part of maintaining balance, vigor and vitality.

Our fear of what we might hear or discover is only present when we’re trying to control how we will look to those around us – trying to control outcomes so as not to be embarrassed or humiliated.

Being afraid that what we discover will dismay or upset us, and in turn leave us looking foolish, is one possible perspective.

Delighting in the surprise and wonder of discovery, knowing that we are the only ones who truly matter in our growth and discovery, is another possible way of looking at what we might have, in the past, feared.

There are infinite possible ways to view, or perspectives on what you are willing to discover. You are a powerful being who can choose any way you want to view anything at any time in your life.

It’s called free will. And it is your greatest freedom.

Be the freedom that you already are. It is your birthright. It is your divinity.

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