This is a beautiful story about one woman’s journey to her own enlightenment. It’s so clearly and beautifully written that I had to reboot it here for all of you. Read it with pleasure and I promise you’ll enjoy it even more. Her particular perspective is very much aligned with what I am providing here at The REvolution Of #bliss #therevolutionofbliss
Thank you, Cristen.

(And if you like Cristen’s view, please check out her blog at

Journeys in Spirit

I’ve finally learned what it means to love the clouds and the storms as much as the sunshine – and it hasn’t been as easy as that simple sentence makes it sound. Love isn’t easy, until it is. It takes work, until it doesn’t.

This is something that takes time to understand.

It took me many years to realize this. At first I only understood it from the outside in – it was just a conceptual understanding from things other people had said – but slowly I began to comprehend it from the inside out. Bit by bit I began to reveal the truth from within myself, and that makes all the difference.

It took time. It took time because I, like many others, have known real pain.

I too have been so wounded that even my tears were toxic. I, like so many others, have been let down, abandoned…

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