Abraham and The Law of Attraction

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I wrote this to someone who was curious and seeking clarity about what she had heard from Abraham-Hicks about the Law of Attraction. My answer surprised me as it poured out of me. It ended up being so clear and well-defined that I put it into this blog post for all to read so that anyone who was interested on this topic might find some (or a great deal of) clarification.

The woman’s confusion was over this one issue… how could her simply being happy connect her to really manifesting what she wanted. She was unclear as to how simply being happy, as opposed to the logical action-oriented path of assessing a) her actions, b) where she’s headed, c) in what direction she’s headed, or assessing d) how far she’s come, gone and has yet to go, would get her what she desires to achieve.

I’m sure many of us wonder the same. It sounds too good to be true, and our skepticism immediately comes into play. Her confusion is a familiar place, given many of us are so attached to our “to-do” lists, our formal declarations of how willing or how up for living a big life we are, our “action”-orientedness and our “motivationally”-driven imperatives in today’s “make it happen!” world.

What??!!?!?!?!? Just being happy could do it? Well, now you’re just fucking with me.

Skeptical minds

But less is always more. And working hard is not always the answer. Please read on if you’re curious as to what I could be referencing here.


None of this is beyond any of us. The point Abraham makes is that when you are just your beguiling happy self, then you are most available to the inklings, insights, information or guidance that the Universe, God (or whatever you call the force or power greater than you) can and does send to you to take the inspired actions toward what you’ve desired – having it end in the result called your desire being realized (aka manifestation).

However, if you are angry with yourself for what you think you should be doing (or anything else you may be pissed off at, or frustrated with yourself for), or if you’re frustrated with life for not giving you what you want, or desperate because you don’t see anything happening or not happening fast enough; or you’re afraid you’ll never really know the right way to get the thing that’s eluding you, then you’re not available to the inklings or intuition. Quite simply, because your focus is on what’s NOT working. When your focus is on the problem, then it is improbable for the solution to enter your focus, your realm, or your perception, especially because that is where so much negative response and emotion resides.

Ever heard, ‘The solution of a problem does not lie at the level of the problem?’

Our natural state is joy. So anytime you are in one of those negative states, you are not connected to your joy – or best said, you are not connected to you, or your highest Self or that higher power. Then your “success” at manifestation will be proportionately less likely than when you are connected – or best said, when you ARE most fully yourself.

This is a beginning to help expound upon and clarify what it is to realize your thoughts or manifest what you want purely, without being action-oriented, or task-oriented, or goal-oriented, and without being limited by your own preconceived concepts and ideas of how to get what you want.

Enjoy. And as always… leave whatever does not resonate with you.

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