Bliss Does Not Discount Pain

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I found this wonderful little website today. It said it has 3 million viewers, so I don’t know how small it is. This website whose tagline is “simple wisdom for complex lives” is a fount of authenticity. Its URL?

Its founder, Lori Deschene, is someone who has truly allowed her life – with all of its ups, downs and ends of rope – to be a beacon for others.  You only have to read her marketing page for her book, a guide to loving yourself, to get this woman has gone through some things. And with deft grace, she exposes her tender underbelly in sweet homage to honor all of those who may come along and take solace in that they are not alone. She, like them, has been to the brink and back.

Reading her story reminded me that there may be folks out there that think that this REvolution of Bliss is not for them, that they have too much hurt and pain to have bliss in their life. Even Lori had a quote posted on the site, from her own mouth indeed, that said, “We can’t just choose to be happy…” It nearly broke my heart, and then I remembered that all of us are finding our way in our own time. It restored my faith in her power. She will find her way in her time. We all do.

Bliss is available to us all. I’m stating it for the record. You can just choose to be happy.

It is that easy. We don’t all know how. That may be the hard part. But not necessarily hard as it will take some effort to reveal how. Still easy.

Unlike what society and the outside world would have you believe, there simply are no “should’s” in this life. There is no status we must reach. There is no place in our evolution we must come to. There are no mantras we must find. There is no secret we must discover. There is no prophet we must journey to learn from. There is only to go within and discover what is within us all. There is only to begin to practice experiencing what we’ve experienced at one time or another in our lives, and as we practice, come to know we have access in every moment to who we are.

We are bliss. It is our nature. It is who we are. Truly.

I’m not here to convince you though. You don’t need convincing. I’m certainly not here to make you do something, or to put something on you. I’m not here to tell you anything. You don’t need me for that. You know. You’ve come here, haven’t you? That’s enough. It is enough.

Bliss does not discount pain. Pain and bliss are both colors on the palette of the artistry of our humanity. Paint with it, or not. It’s always your choice. Just don’t decide that it’s impossible before you’ve actually tried it on.

Well, actually, that’s your choice too. I’m just sayin’.

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