Why Do We Get So Unhappy About Being Happy?

Happiness is something in the western world that most of us seek as outside of us. Happiness is not outside of us, but most westerners do everything we can think of to get more happiness into our lives. We’ve got Ted speakers telling us how to be happy, and Oprah Super Soul 100 folks telling us what can make us happy. We’ve got gurus telling us what we should do to be happy, and magazines telling us the science behind being happy, while bestselling books tell us that we can find happiness “here” in these pages, if we want it.

From TGIF to taking vacations to celebrating holidays with all sorts of booze and food to eating chocolate/sweets on the regular to eating our favorite foods on special occasions to being with our favorite people anywhere, anytime to playing sports off-season to watching our favorite sports teams in season to extreme sports off the beaten path to having sex to watching other people have sex to… we know what ways we have mastered to get our happiness.

We look for more ways to find happiness all the time, not realizing it’s closer (and easier) than all of that. Most of us seek all of these ways to happiness because we fear expressing our pain; that somehow giving voice to it may sustain it in ways we simply do not want. So we think we have to do things, take things, imbibe things, and all sorts of other things to cover over the pain and get happiness back.

All of our attempts at finding happiness become attempts to keep our pain at bay, our sadness at bay, our disappointment at bay, our dread and disdain and despair at bay.

We’ve inherited a consciousness that says, “Pain will last forever unless you get rid of it,” or some version of that. Not only is that not true, but it’s not necessary to get rid of pain to experience more joy. Joy, or bliss, as I refer to it most often here on TheREvolutionOfBliss.com, is our natural state of being. (I say this from direct and indirect experience both in myself and in my clients.) Joy is who we are and any pain we experience is covering over our natural state of bliss.

And we don’t just apply this inherited consciousness to pain, it applies to any negative emotion we’re having that is completely undesired by us. So our joy – our natural state – goes covered over to the Nth degree as we heap more and more ideas about how “I’ve got to do this to be happy” and how “I don’t want this bad thing to happen anymore” like piling shit onto our living room floor, layer by layer, and then planting lovely, fragrant roses in it and expecting for only the beautiful fragrance of the flowers to be evident by smell.

Not possible, love.

You know. It’s like the elephant in the room. Except it’s really his dung. And there we are planting flowers like good gardeners and in fertile excrement, but the smell of those little blossoms will never overpower the smell of the heaping pile of … Okay, you get the picture.

We can begin to get we don’t need all that extra stuff. We don’t need all the distractions. We don’t need all the … What do we need, you ask? Well, nothing actually. There is actually nothing you need. But if you want to experience the joy you are, you can create practices by which to experience this joy that go with you wherever you go. I mean why not? Take advantage of this *free* joy that abides within you. What have you got to lose?

Just 4 tons of dung, yeah?


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