The Most Gratifying Kind of Happiness

The most gratifying kind of happiness is the kind you make yourself.

No, not because you’re doing something super awesome and it makes you feel happy. But keep doing that.

No, not because you got that new toy that does all those super-duper, excellent things that just make you so happy that you bought it. But keep doing that.

No, not because you got that super rad outfit or new pair of shoes that you’ve been jonesing for, and finally, finally, you got them. You are pleased with yourself. So keep doing that.

No, not because you look into a baby’s eyes and their laughter makes you so happy that you’re just beside yourself. But keep doing that.

No, not because you spent time with your favorite person (or pet, for that matter) in the world and as you were together, you remembered why you love spending time with them so much. But keep doing that.


No, not because you got to hang out with that group of friends, or colleagues, or running buddies that you love so much ’cause they act a fool or do awesome things that you love. Or at least, like a lot. But keep doing that.

Not because of anything outside of yourself.

Happiness happens in any instant where you remember something that makes you smile, remember something you thought about yourself that makes you really appreciate you, or in an instant, the feeling of joy just finds you and you beam. Just because.

Happiness can happen just because. There doesn’t have to be a source outside of you to make you happy. As a matter of fact, there is no source outside of you that makes you happy.

Your happiness is never ever not a function of the way you think of anything. That thing you love to do – sports, dance, music, concerts, special events, getting married, flying a plane, wishing… It makes you happy because of what you think of it.

Those folks you love to hang out with – family, close friends, workmates, people you greatly admire and respect… They make you happy because of what you think about them.

Your happiness is ALWAYS sourced from you.

That’s why those same things – after time, or after a particular incident – can also make you mad. Because it’s not the things, the people, the activities, the work, the job, the career, the passion, the relationships that make you happy.

It’s you.

Always has been. Never will be any other way.

So to say happiness is elusive.

Well, that’s just plain silly. But keep doing that, if you want.

Your choice. Your life. Your happiness.!

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