I love adding other’s words here on The REvolution Of Bliss.com. Please enjoy this piece. It reminded me of a time when I was realizing just what Cristen is speaking of here. Her writing is so eloquent, and the clarity of what she speaks is so pure, I had to include her as a guest. Thank you, Cristen, for what you write and for sharing what can provide serenity and solace. And thank you all for reading, and please do share what moves you about (or inspires discovery in you by) this article in the comments below.

Journeys in Spirit

Here’s the thing about spiritual awakening and personal development – not everyone is going to like it. Not everyone is going to understand. Not everyone is going to accept, approve, or even believe the new you that begins to emerge as the last masks fall off and you strip that cloak of fear away.

This might sound counter-intuitive. It might be tempting to think that bettering yourself automatically means bettering your relationships with others – but this isn’t always how it plays out.

Sometimes the people who are a great energetic match at one stage can become a detriment in another, and the same can be true the other way around. Sometimes growing up will weaken one relationship even as it’s strengthening another; and part of the process is learning to accept and allow that.

After all, people can only understand from whatever level they’re at. They can only see…

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