The Law of Attraction Laid Bare

Most find fault with the Law of Attraction because they find fault with themselves.
Let me explain that

All of us live in the human condition, and that condition calls for a bevy of emotions, moods and attitudes – some of which are blame, fault, shame and guilt. Those four, in particular, make us feel that it is necessary for someone to be to blame and when we don’t want to feel shame or guilt, we prefer someone else to be at fault. In the end, we still end up feeling shame and guilt anyway.

When we live in a world where shame, fault, blame and guilt are prevalent in our experience, then it follows that we would find fault and want to blame a Law that says, We attract everything that comes into our lives.

When we can bring levity to these four moods/emotions, then we have far more facility with the Law of Attraction and it becomes viable, powerful and even, optimal.

Let’s get straight about this, the Laws of the Universe are immutable. They cannot be unmade because they don’t suit our purposes. Universal Law exists outside of what human beings can control. Just like the Earth didn’t become flat because we did not believe it was round.

But with my suggestion, take what resonates with you and leave what does not, this article is no different.

The Law of Attraction is a neutral force. It is not out to harm you. Karma is a neutral force. Neither is a punishment. There is both neutrality and simplicity to the Laws of the Universe.

So be easy with yourself around the Law of Attraction. Be easy with yourself in all arenas. The Law of Attraction can help bring you peace of mind and ease any troubles you might be having. There is a solution to all and it is always already at your fingertips. The only thing you must do is stop being at the level of the problem, and begin easing your way into the next paradigm – the level of the solution.

You have everything you need. The Universe has your back, and it is here to give you all that you desire. All. Not some. What you end up getting is a matter of what you believe you can have.

Be well.!

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